“Why have I been SOOO STUPID?”

“What an absolute waste of time!”

“I should have done this DECADES ago!”


These comments were the first words said to me last week by someone who was aged well over 60 & had started smoking in their teens.

Just like many people, they’d fallen for the stories that smoking’s something you can’t quit and that you’re stuck with the habit, until the day YOU DIE (Which it is for around 1 in 2 smokers, to be honest).

Then one day they decided they’d been playing Russian Roulette with their health for too long and now wanted to quit & since they knew a few ex-smokers I’d previously helped they contacted me to see if I could “do it to them like I’d done it to my friends”.

And so, after speaking to them & confirming they really wanted to quit I agreed to take them through the HypnoQuit Programme


HypnoQuit Stop Smoking Programme


Sidenote: HypnoQuit is a Highly Detailed Programme, it’s much more than ‘just’ a hypnosis session – if you’re looking to quit & chose a hypnotist local to you then ensure that your hypnotist covers ALL the issues around your old smoking habit – after all, you do want to quit for good, don’t you? Get in touch if you’d like to know a few questions to ask them to check they’ll bring their A-Game to the party.


Anyhow, this person, let’s call her Sheila, said she felt great, as if a great big burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

Just think – in the morning Sheila believed she was a smoker & by lunchtime it’s as if she’d quit decades ago.

Can YOU imagine that?

Are you a smoker who is SERIOUSLY ready to quit smoking?

If you’re ready to quit then get in touch – I work with a select group of other highly qualified stop smoking specialists throughout the UK / Europe & so if you’d like me to suggest a contact that’s near to your location, feel free to contact me – no smoker needs to go to their grave thinking “I can’t quit” as that’s utter BS.

Have a great day!

Think you’re stuck with Insomnia, think again

It’s about 2:45 am in the UK as this goes live if you’re reading this now then, you should really be asleep, so I’ll be brief …

Working as a coach & psychotherapist is a wonderful career & the testimonials are awesome, since where else do you get thanks like this …

“I would like to thank you for all the help I have received & will always be very grateful to you.”

Miss C. Werrington, Peterborough (Insomnia)


insomnia - werrington


Client confidentiality precludes my commenting in much detail, however, it’s safe to say resolution of this issue for her has been life changing, since sleep for her is now something to be enjoyed and savoured, rather than something to be experienced as quickly as possible.

… & this was something which had been affecting her for around 15 years, every evening, by the time she contacted me.

Rather like comparing a soft relaxing bed with wonderful linen to medieval torture (& yes that’s how it was for them)

Is insomnia something that affects you, or do you have your own challenge you keep on trying to deal with all on your own.

If it is then would you like to discover a simple way to overcome that problem, permanently?

Comment below & I’ll explain whether your type of insomnia could be helped too.

So until we speak, best you get back to counting those sheep.

If you’re too stressed or busy to take time to change, you need to read this

“Thanks. I know I need some help, but I’m too stressed, too busy to change. I’ll get back to you when I’ve got more time.”

I had this said to me by someone a few days ago, when I explained how they’d need to take just some time out from their already hectic work schedule, so they could begin to make the changes they’d already told me they wanted to make.

“So you’re too busy to change … but you’ve already said you feel like you’re being pulled in too many directions, firefighting problems, balancing health issues & missing key deliverables, yes?”

“Do you think you might be part of the problem?

“Just a little bit, perhaps?”


too much stress to change

And then they, sat back, let that thought sink in, & began to realise that just like how a fish can’t actually ‘see’ the water they’re swimming in, even though it’s all around them, she wasn’t able to see what she was swimming around in either.

And when she did the word she used was a little bit more profane than “water”, that’s for sure!

Have you ever found yourself swimming in the poop of life, trying your best to make progress but feeling like the current’s pulling you backwards, because if you have, then it’s about time we arranged a time to speak.

If you’d like to find out more about taking back control of your life & get some fun back again, get in touch & let me know little more about what’s on your mind.