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Where in your life are you underselling yourself?

I had an interesting session recently with a stop smoking client, which showed how easy it is for us to not realise how powerful we really are.

Yes, the client had come to me for help in stopping smoking, but they’d commented that they’d always light up before and after a long flight, something over twelve hours for example.

Twelve hours!

What this client hadn’t recognised, until I pointed out, was that in the last seven days I’d been working with clients who had such a fear of flying that they’d be lucky to manage twelve minutes!

Let alone twelve hours.

Makes you think, doesn’t it.

So this client was feeling bad that they couldn’t stop smoking, but had totally missed the fact that to them a twelve hour flight was just something they could do without any concerns whatsoever.

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So let me ask you, where are YOU underselling yourself?

Where might you be telling yourself you can “only” do X whilst doing Y but not acknowledging that many people wouldn’t or couldn’t do that Y thing for a million pounds?

The fact is we are all awesome … & a lot of my work is focused upon helping my clients to realise just how awesome they are … & then help them to become even more awesomer (Not sure if that’s a real word, it is now!)

If you’d like to explore how more your life could become, or where perhaps you’re holding yourself back or playing small rather than large, contact me for a conversation that could well change your life forever (yes, I’m that good!)


Any readers with a fear of rain, thunder or lightning?

For many people the recent rain that’s been seen pouring in various areas has been a welcome relief to the sequence of hot days we’ve experienced, however, for some those storms have been TERRIFYING!

Thunder, lightning & rain, whilst being natural events around the planet, can also strike fear into some people & cause instant panic reactions.

Astraphobia, also known as astrapophobia, brontophobia, keraunophobia, or tonitrophobia is an abnormal fear of thunder and lightning & can affect adults not just children.

It’s worse for those involved in outdoor sports since they’ve often found ways to cover or mask their fears, by double-checking weather reports & not being available if a storm was expected.

I’ve had adult clients that have admitted to diving under tables at the sound of the first thunderclap, rather like diving into the Anderson shelter in WWII – a rather awkward thing to do if you’re supposed to be having a business lunch at the time!


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It’s also something that other members of the family can pick up upon, such that children, or grandchildren, can learn to become afraid of the same situations that their parents or grandparents seem to find unbearable.

And along with the lightning there’s also the phobia related to the fear of Rain- Ombrophobia / Pluviophobia.

With this people can be stuck in one location having perhaps ventured out when it was clear only to be presented with rain upon leaving a building.

Then, if with others who don’t know about their fear, they find themselves having to justify popping back into the building for a while, on some pretext, until the rain has abated.

These fears can also be combined with a fear of flying to create a ‘perfect storm’ of discomfort for the unfortunate person who’s suffering from them, especially since they don’t seem to have the faintest idea how to control their reaction to the situation.

All of these fears or phobias can be overcome, surprisingly quickly actually & so if you’d like to find out more drop me a line.

Last boarding call for … fixing your fear of flying

Are you going on holiday … by air … and DREADING the flight?

If so we need to speak. My previous successes with BWRT to help clients overcome their fears around flying (and packing & getting to the airport etc) means that I’m sure we can make this time your best holiday ever.

email to find out more or call me on 07563 674275 & start packing your suncream!

Seriously, this stuff works!


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