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So tell me, have you hit more than half of this years goals yet?

We’re over half-way through 2018 so are you on your health & fitness goals?

On target, or is it a case of ‘What goals?”

If you’re looking to lose weight, drop a dress size, lose those man-boobs, or even gain muscle, there’s a sure-fire way I can help you.

Contact me to tell me a little more about what your challenge is and let’s see how we can begin to change things around for you.


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Anybody in their 40’s or 50’s that want to shape up?

Are you in your forties or fifties and feel like you’re running out of time to start getting your body back in shape?

Do you wish you could commit to losing some fat, gaining some muscle & not getting out of breath when reaching for your TV’s remote control?

I’m putting the finishing touches to a new programme that will be PERFECT for you!

It’s going to be designed to help 40-something or those in their 50’s to get back in GREAT shape!

Like to discover more?

I’m taking enquiries now but only have a few slots free as I’ve already got some spaces taken.

email or call me on 07563 674275 and we can discuss your goals and how this could be right up your street!


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How’s the weight loss (or weight gain) going?

Are you on-target for your weight loss and body shape-up goals for 2018, or do you need a little help?

Many clients find they started off Jan ’18 with the best of intentions, but life got in the way and they’re now 104 days into 2018 and nothing’s changed for the better.

If you’re someone who wants to lose weight, or tone up, but you’re finding it hard to keep on track let’s speak.

As qualified coach with a wealth of experience in dealing with weight loss clients I’m sure we can quickly clear out your mental blocks so you can get back on track.

Let’s make 2018 the year you changed your life for the good.


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