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Would you benefit from some no-cost coaching?

One of the things that I find funny is lots of people “talk a good game” when it comes to changing their lives around, but when they look back, say, six month’s later bugger-all’s happened.

I’ll sometimes have an enquiry from someone who ‘says’ they want to change, take a fear of flying for example. “Ok, let’s meet.” I say, and then it starts, “Oh, I’m busy for the next week, and then the week after I’ve got a deadline at work to complete. And then the week after I’ve got to ….” you get the picture.

So whilst they say they want to change, the reality is that problem they have is like a kid’s fluffy comfort blanket, they can keep hold of it, snuggle down into it, because THEY ARE USED TO IT!

Yes. They actually want to stay stuck!

Now, I’m sure you’re not like that, are you?

So if you really do intend to change & would like to explore how you can do that, for FREE (that’s no greenbacks, spondoolicks, beer-vouchers, etc), then here’s what I can do for you …

Would you like to “pick my brain” for free, no topic’s off limits, 30 mins of REAL coaching work?

free coaching sessions

If you do, then here’s the ground rules.

Until I close this out, for the rest of October & into the start of November I’m holding two times open:

8:00 am – 9:00 am on a Monday morning and 9:00 – 10:00 on a Tuesday morning.

You bring your problem / challenge / worry / concern / goal & I’ll help you to fashion & create a way to get there.

You’ll need to contact me to book the slot – I’m not hard to get in touch with & then you’ll need to call me at the time we’ve agreed & then we’ll be good to go.

Do you want to change your life?

I’m here … I’m waiting for you …

When my clients are stuck I ask them to do this

Are you stuck, undecided about something you need to do or deal with?

Grab a piece of paper (or open up your note-taking app) and answer jot down the answers to the following questions:

Q1: What have you not yet said today, or done today, that you know that, if you say it or do it, that your life (or business) will move forwards dramatically?

Q2: How are you going to be losing out today by not doing / saying that / dealing with that issue?

Q3: How’s that going to effect you over the next couple of weeks / months?

Q4: And what about over the next six / twelve months?

Then, walk with me for a moment; take yourself in your mind’s eye to a place about twelve month’s from now & ask yourself …

Q5: “How do I feel about leaving those things un-done, not dealt with for a whole year?”

the lightbulb moment

Notice how it feels like.

Listen to what you tell yourself.

See how you’re living, what work you’re doing, how your relationships are shaping up.

Q6: How does that feel to you, now you know what your future’s going to be?

Q7: And now you’ve seen that, the future that your current path’s going to take you to, what’s the first two things you can do to begin to steer your life in a better direction, one that doesn’t hit those rocks, but one that takes you to the sunnier islands of plenty?

If you’re ready to, post your answers to the questions below (or you can email me if you prefer) & I’ll give you some further bespoke questions & work with you to help you shape your destiny, to help you fashion a creation you’ll be amazed that you’re living it.

Weight loss tip #2


Learn to notice the difference between food hunger & emotional hunger

I offer this weight loss tip here as this is one of the big learning points that I work with when helping my clients understand more about how & why they’ve had a weight problem.

It’s essential that you’re able to notice WHERE you’re feeling the feeling that you believe will be addressed by eating.

This’ll mean you’ll begin to become aware as to where in your body you feel hungry, thirsty, tired etc, & where you feel sad, lonely, distressed or similar.

Most times clients discover that once they stop, listen, & feel their feelings they realise that each can appear in different ways & in different locations.

Feel it, play with it, go into it, think about it …

Notice I didn’t say “just go eat something”.


Just ‘be’ with that feeling, let it tell you what it needs to tell you & you’ll start to learn more about yourself.

You see, in the past you’ve gone straight for food, rather than listen to what’s really happening, which does nothing for your weight loss plans.

Yes, sometimes it’s simply going to be telling you that you need some food, for nourishment, but other-times it’s going to be bringing up feelings or memories you don’t want & then you’d (usually) by now have grabbed some food & covered those feelings up.


weight loss tips


Damped them down, hidden them away, out of sight out of mind.

And that’s not worked out too well for you, has it?

So just let yourself explore, just a teeny-weeny bit of whatever that feeling is, & notice what that’s telling you.

{Comment: You can see we’re getting a bit deep here, sorry, but the good stuff’s always under the things like this}

Simply exploring & playing with those hidden feelings & questioning whether you still wish to hold them as beliefs to live by can bring about awesome changes.

Try it out, give it a go, & if you’re stuck comment below or contact me & I’d love to give you some free feedback on how you can switch those thoughts around so they no longer trouble you.