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Who else wants to stop their fear of heights?

It’s skiing holiday time & so it’s around about now that hypnotherapists receive a steady flow of enquiries from people asking for help to overcome a fear of heights, a fear of skiing, or even a fear of falling down.

As you can imagine, those fears are ones they’ve quite often been holding onto for years, and so every year they’ve covered them up, masked them and tried to ignore them, until … the … day … of … the … flight … draws ever nearer.

It’s surprising just how many ways that a fear can make itself known to you. 

Examples of thoughts around the fear can occur:

* When preparing to pack

* Getting passports and paperwork together

* Sorting out what clothing to take

* Checking details on the internet

* Looking (!) at photos of the location on the internet (rather like rubber-necking on the motorway I’d say!)

* Talking to others about the location, often coinciding with ‘putting a brave face on it’

* Trying to keep telling yourself that ‘this time it’ll be different’ (Yeah, Right!)

Do you recognise any of those situations from your own life?

If you do, it doesn’t have to be that way any longer.

If you’re going on holiday … by air … and DREADING the flight or what’s going to happen when you’re there, we need to talk?

I’ve obtained great results for my clients using hypnosis and BWRT to help clients overcome many fears related to such issues as flying, holiday locations, eating away from home so I’m sure we can make this time your best holiday ever.

email to find out more or call me on 07563 674275 & start packing your suncream & skis!

Seriously, this stuff works!


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