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“Why have I been SOOO STUPID?”

“What an absolute waste of time!”

“I should have done this DECADES ago!”


These comments were the first words said to me last week by someone who was aged well over 60 & had started smoking in their teens.

Just like many people, they’d fallen for the stories that smoking’s something you can’t quit and that you’re stuck with the habit, until the day YOU DIE (Which it is for around 1 in 2 smokers, to be honest).

Then one day they decided they’d been playing Russian Roulette with their health for too long and now wanted to quit & since they knew a few ex-smokers I’d previously helped they contacted me to see if I could “do it to them like I’d done it to my friends”.

And so, after speaking to them & confirming they really wanted to quit I agreed to take them through the HypnoQuit Programme


HypnoQuit Stop Smoking Programme


Sidenote: HypnoQuit is a Highly Detailed Programme, it’s much more than ‘just’ a hypnosis session – if you’re looking to quit & chose a hypnotist local to you then ensure that your hypnotist covers ALL the issues around your old smoking habit – after all, you do want to quit for good, don’t you? Get in touch if you’d like to know a few questions to ask them to check they’ll bring their A-Game to the party.


Anyhow, this person, let’s call her Sheila, said she felt great, as if a great big burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

Just think – in the morning Sheila believed she was a smoker & by lunchtime it’s as if she’d quit decades ago.

Can YOU imagine that?

Are you a smoker who is SERIOUSLY ready to quit smoking?

If you’re ready to quit then get in touch – I work with a select group of other highly qualified stop smoking specialists throughout the UK / Europe & so if you’d like me to suggest a contact that’s near to your location, feel free to contact me – no smoker needs to go to their grave thinking “I can’t quit” as that’s utter BS.

Have a great day!

But why can’t I just download an mp3 track to deal with …?

Why not just get a download?

Every so often, when I’m talking to a prospective client on the phone, someone will mention that they’d been looking around on the internet & had considered one of the many apps, mp3’s or cd’s that are available to help them overcome their issue.

They look good, I’ll grant you that.

Just ‘pick your problem’, select your payment method & the download’s with you in seconds, ready to play.

Like a TV dinner except it’s ‘just add headphones’.

What’s not to like?


mp3 cd app hypnosis downloads


And to someone who’s not trained in hypnosis, understands how language works & how different people have their own preferential ways of listening, then it could quite easily seem that there’s not going to be much of a difference between visiting a hypnotherapist or working with a great coach, compared to popping in the earbuds, or putting on the headphones & listening to a pre-recorded hypnosis track.

And whilst it’s true that some people do seem to benefit from pre-recorded tracks, there are four main problems with this approach:


1. Are you choosing the right subject?

The user doesn’t have an opportunity to talk through what’s troubling them and what they want to gain from resolving the problem.

This means that whilst they may feel they need to overcome X, a fear of flying, perhaps, after talking to a qualified practitioner it may be apparent that it’s something else that’s bothering them, specifically only being sick on the flight, or actually feeling anxious about being in any confined space, for example.

And so without this useful preparation work they could purchase a download & find it’s either ineffective, or effective but still leaving them with symptoms in other circumstances.


2. Focus and commitment

You have to take a chunk of time out from your day to work with a coach or therapist, whereas it’s easy to slot in some time at the end of the day to tune in and drop out to the sounds of a recorded voice.

You also have to be willing to TALK TO SOMEONE about what’s bothering you, which might make you feel a bit icky, and rather than do that it might feel easier to simply click on a button and order a download.

However, research shows that those clients who are the most committed to obtaining their results, including taking time out to do the work, are those who more often succeed and achieve what they’re aiming to achieve.

That being so, unless you plan everything to the letter you may find yourself, like most other people, not being fully focused when playing your tracks.

Not being fully focused means the results can be mediocre at best, unlike when you work with a good therapist or coach who will ensure you bring your A-Game to the session.


3. Suits you sir

By being a one-size-fits-all track it’s impossible to personalise the language used to ensure the key issues that are relevant to them are highlighted.

Generic wordings are used which whilst they might overlap with the symptoms or problem the purchaser has, there’s no guarantee that they will ‘hit the nail on the head’ and deal with things in the most effective way possible.

Say for example that they’d had some incident which had troubled them, a specific scenario that they wanted to ensure was covered – a competent therapist would be able to easily include positive thoughts about how that scenario would no longer effect them, but a tape wouldn’t provide that support.


4. You won’t need to keep ‘topping-up’ what you’ve done

This is the big one.

Take a look at the instructions for most / all downloads or apps & they make a point of reminding the user they are to listen to the track for a period of days, often 28 or longer.

But you won’t be required to see a therapist or coach for 28 days – unless they’re really bad at what they do!

A good therapist or coach will investigate and explore with you what’s the issue you have, and then they’ll use their skills to go down deeper below to bring to the surface the underlying reasons that, once resolved, will mean that issues’s gone.

In just a few appointments, sometimes just one in fact.


No more mp3’s, no more apps, nor more CD’s.

You just carry on with your life, not having to remember to play, do or listen to anything whatsoever.


5. Cost

There’s no avoiding this comparison. Yes, an mp3, CD or app will be cheaper than working with a real person.

Sometimes those mp3’s or apps are free too.

But you get what you pay for in life & free = worthless.

However, when you work out the ‘cost’ to use that track, say 28 hours over 28 days, that’s quite a lot of your time you’re using ‘for free’.

Compared to just a few hours of quality 1-to-1 work with a trained therapist or coach to get to the bottom of what’s bothering you.

And once it’s done, it’s done.

You just get on with the business of living a great life.



There are other differences too and so if you’ve got the opportunity to find a therapist or coach that’s near to you then I’d recommend you speak to them, to ask them what they think and to see if they can offer a solution for what’s troubling you.

If you’re out of my area I may still be able to help you – get in touch I’ll probably be able to suggest a few contacts who are near to you.

Do you have a fear of needles, a dread of going to the doctors, or having injections?

Is a fear of needles something that’s affecting your life, stopping you going to the dentist, travelling on holiday or holding you back from applying for a job?

Would you like to be free from this phobia (which is sometimes referred to as aichmophobia or belonephobia)?

Previous clients I’ve worked with to overcome this issue have found that it had been affecting them so much that to even see a television play with actors using a syringe was enough to create extreme fear.

Sometimes simply hearing someone mention visiting the dentist or talking about some medical complaint would bring on the fear of needles too.

Some clients said they’d drive special routes so as to avoid passing doctors or dentists, since being outside those buildings would bring on the fear of needles for them.

One client I recollect was so frightened of needles that they’d undergone essential emergency dental work (because they’d kept putting the visit off) without any anesthetic whatsoever.

Another client I helped had been stuck with this fear of needles for quite a few years and it had got to the stage that many areas of her life were being affected; work, family, travel, it was everywhere!As a last result she’d contact me to see if hypnosis could help.

After a few appointments she was able to attended an appointment at her GP to have the injections she required so her and her partner could finally travel to the location she’d so long wanted to visit.

Her comment, “I found you & now my life isn’t stuck in a rut. I am so grateful to you & thankful of the outlook I now have on life. I know you wanted me to succeed & I have. Hypnosis works.”


needle phobia  BWRT Peterborough


I’d mention that when helping this client I used hypnosis, however, for the vast majority of my clients suffering with fears or phobias I now work with BWRT® which is a very fast, powerful & effective way of helping clients change long-term thoughts, without any of the relaxation required for hypnosis.

This means it’s perfect for those nervous or tense people for whom relaxing is never too easy.

If you’d like to find out more about overcoming a fear or phobia or if you suffer from nervousness or anxiety then BWRT® could well offer you a swift resolution of that problem too.