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Why do IBS sufferers put up with all that sh-t?

I.B.S. – Three letters that can strike terror into a sufferer.

If you’re someone who has to plan in advance their travel routes or find out about the ‘facilities’ at an event before deciding whether to attend, we need to talk.

Events that should be a source of enjoyment are stressful and even the slightest change to an expected routine or journey can be a cause of panic, stress or embarrassment.

Many clients have come to me for assistance in overcoming IBS that had been troubling them for years.

The reason why BWRT, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are so effective at helping to overcome IBS is that they use the most powerful medicine cabinet ever created, your mind, to overcome and resolve whatever is creating the effects in your body that are called IBS.

By using your mind it is possible to shift your perspective from you being someone who ‘has’ IBS to that of someone whose body is choosing to give off signals in response to something and it is just those ‘signals’ that are called IBS.

If you or someone you know has IBS contact me today to find out how quickly freedom from IBS is possible.


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If you or a friend has IBS this could be just what you need to read

Are you an IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) sufferer?

Do you have ‘that feeling’ whenever you have to go somewhere different, something that your doctor’s not been able to find a reason for?

And then there’s the issue of how clean the facilities will be, will you be able to make it in time, what if there’s a queue, the list of worries seems to go on for ever.

Many people have Irritable Bowel Syndrome & if you do too – It Can Be Overcome.

Hypnosis & BWRT have been proven to be effective for this – there are certain UK hospitals who use hypnosis in-house to help their patients overcome IBS.

Would you like to find out more?

For a confidential discussion call me on 07563 674275 or drop me an email & tell me what’s happening for you.


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Who else wants to stop suffering from irritable bowel syndrome?

Just started working with a new client to help them overcome their IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It’s not nice always having thoughts nagging away in your mind about whether you’ll be ok until you get to the end of a journey, what if there aren’t any toilets available, what if I get stuck in traffic, what if …

Over the last few decades there’s been quite a few studies carried out highlighting the benefits of hypnotherapy to address IBS and in some locations a good working relationship exists between certain hospitals and experienced hypnotherapists.

Hypnosis & BWRT are very effective at alleviating many discomforting thoughts and feelings & if you’d like to discover more PM me now to arrange a confidential discussion about what’s on your mind.

You don’t have to suffer any longer.

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