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Jealousy – It doesn’t have to be forever

The funny thing about jealousy is that nearly every client who’s come to me for help to overcome jealousy “knew” that they didn’t really have a reason to be jealous with their current partner, however, there was something happening in their mind that kept on making them think those thoughts.

It’s as if their minds were working on autopilot and forcing them to assume things like:-


“They’ve not called me back; they must be out with that person from the office they’d spoken about before.”

“Running late!? I bet they’re texting you know who again!”

“I saw you looking at them over there in the shop! So you’re saying I’m not good looking enough, eh?!”


Some clients have come to me after many failed relationships, due to the strength of their jealous feelings, and are desperate to make sure that this time their relationship doesn’t blow up.

We can also try to set up “rules” for other people, as if this is how they have to behave. 

The problem with this is:

1. they don’t have a copy of the rule book

2. we expect them to know what’s in the rule book “automatically”, as if by magic, &

3. they didn’t agree to it in the first place


It’s always fascinating to see and hear how those feelings of jealousy can be “switched-off”, often in just a few sessions.

If you’d like to find out more PM me in confidence & I’d be pleased to see if I can offer you a way forward and to break free from the suffocating feelings of jealousy.

It worked for this lady, & could work for you too.

“Thank you for helping me on a journey I knew I had to take. I have found inner-peace with myself.”

Miss M., Peterborough

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