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So tell me, have you hit more than half of this years goals yet?

We’re over half-way through 2018 so are you on your health & fitness goals?

On target, or is it a case of ‘What goals?”

If you’re looking to lose weight, drop a dress size, lose those man-boobs, or even gain muscle, there’s a sure-fire way I can help you.

Contact me to tell me a little more about what your challenge is and let’s see how we can begin to change things around for you.


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So how’s the new Year’s resolutions coming on?

How are your new Year’s resolutions going?

On target to smash them … or is it you’ve forgotten where you put the scrap of paper you wrote them down on?

If you’d like to stop wasting your time and actually ACHIEVE something this year, email me or call direct on 07563674275 & I’ll give you some FREE (yup, no hard-sell attached) that’ll help you get back on track.


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It’s New Year’s Resolutions time again

So who’s not yet got their new year’s resolutions written up?

Top tip: WRITE them out, rather than type them out. Research has shown that people who get more involved in their goal setting, by actually using pen and paper, are more inclined to keep on-track with their goals.

Like some help with goal setting? Want 2018 to be the year you can tick your goals of as ‘achieved’ rather than ‘missed’?

If so PM for a chat and I can offer you some FREE tips to get you motivated to achieve more for 2018