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If you feel your time’s running out you need to Read This!

“But you don’t understand. I need to get it ALL sorted by tomorrow!”


Do you ever feel that way too?

Sometimes, by the time my clients come to me to talk about what’s troubling them, they’ve been bottling things up for so long that it’s as if they feel compelled to “make up” for the delays that have happened in their life.

One of the big problems, however, with this “rush to be successful” is … that’s not how it happens for 99.999% of people who gain success in whatever they do.

And also, even those who post on Facebook, Instagram & who are ‘self-appointed success gurus’ have are actually playing fast’n’loose with their truths, since stuff takes longer than they’ve made out.

So if you’re someone who’s feeling that time’s running out & you’ve “gotta get it all sorted NOW”, here’s a great quote that I’ve recently discovered, courtesy of Barbara Huson, an amazing Wealth Coach in the US of A.


Julianne Moore Charles Stevenson Life Success Coaching


It’s by actresses, Julianne Moore.

“You don’t start out thinking, I’m going to be a star!

You think, I hope I get an agent.

Then, I hope I get an audition.

Then, I hope I get a job.

If you think too far ahead, it’s just overwhelming.

It’s better to just keep on going, bit by bit, one foot in front of the other.”


From what I know that method’s worked turned out quite well for her, so perhaps you’d do well to give it a go, too … just take one step at a time, & keep on stepping.

“Oi you. Fatty. I’m talking to you!”


Picture the scene for me; you’re on your way to work, or off to visit someone that you know, & you’re taking either a bus or a train.

So you buy your ticket, get onto the transport & sit down.

All seems good & going well.

Just a normal journey.

And there you are, minding your business, perhaps you’ve got your headphones on, or you’re looking at your phone, or reading a book when, someone looks at you, points and then says …

… “Oi, fatty, mind you don’t break the seat!”

… “You’re right ugly!”

… “Get your act together!”

… “OMG you must be sooo lazy to look that way!”

… “When are you gonna lose all that blubber?”

… “I can’t imagine you’d ever get a boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife looking like THAT!”

… “I’d pap you for my page but I ain’t got no wide-angle lens big enough on me phone!”

… “Bet they charged you double, taking up two seats like you are!”

How would you feel?

How would you react?

What would go through your mind?

What would you say, to them … & then to yourself?


bus train journey weight loss


Pic from Wikipedia

QUESTION: If it’s not appropriate for anyone else to say things like those about you, when did you start to believe it was ok to say just the same yourself?

Why, oh why do you believe saying those kinds of things are ever going to do any good, (unless you’re intending to make yourself feel even worse)?

The Very Next Time that you catch yourself saying ANYTHING similar to yourself about yourself do yourself a favour and turn it around.

Yup, that’s right.

Ask yourself, “What’s the 180 degree opposite comment that’d I love to believe instead.

And this doesn’t have to be a rose-tinted-spectacles comment, all I’m asking for is a baby step or two in the right direction.

… “Oi, fatty, mind you don’t break the seat!” Nope “Hey man, you should have seen me in the past, now that was a seat-breaking MF back then!”

… “You’re right ugly!” Ditch that and say “I’m looking better than I did a few days ago.”

… “OMG you must be sooo lazy to look that way!” could, if you let it, become, “I’m doing some exercise every day, I got a plan for the rest of my life.”

You get the idea, but don’t use my words, they’ve got to come from within YOU.

The key point is this; there’s not much we can do about what others say about us, but there’s a hell of a lot we can do about what We Say About Ourselves.

Try it for a while & let me know how you get on.

Might just change your life.

Weight Loss Tip #1


Never Exercise for Quick Results – They Never Last

When I’m working with clients to help them lose weight it’s often that they’ve been trying to make the necessary changes for years but it’s never been successful.

And this usually means they’re desperate to get those changes in place PDQ, as if they want to drop a couple of stone in a couple of weeks, or lose fat & gain as much muscle as some person they’ve seen on Instagram, in just 21 days.

But the part of their mind that’s been getting them to jump from diet to diet, or exercise plan to exercise plan is going to make them quit this too quickly too, unless they change how they think.

So one of the first ideas I’ll discuss with my clients is that we need to take time to make the results they want, and that way they’ll stick.

It sounds simple, but to start with there’s possibly going to be nothing to show for what you’re doing.

For example:

  • You’re no longer eating packets of crisps or biscuits, but change isn’t showing

  • You’re going for a 10 minute walk every few days, but you’re still getting tired

  • You’re just about able to do 5 wall push-ups, but you still feel weak at the end


Each of those mean that you’re WINNING, not that you’re Failing!!

Take your time and work the programme and you will succeed.


weight loss takes time


In a month from now you’ll have been doing those things for 30 days and after 3 months that’s going to be 90 days straight that you’ll have been banking the benefits of incremental change.

Just keep going.

Put out of your mind the ‘quick fix super-abs in 60 seconds’ BS that will be filling your news feeds, they’re playing with your mind and feeding you a lie.

Take your time & stick with it – it’s the most powerful & effective way you can go.