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“Why have I been SOOO STUPID?”

“What an absolute waste of time!”

“I should have done this DECADES ago!”


These comments were the first words said to me last week by someone who was aged well over 60 & had started smoking in their teens.

Just like many people, they’d fallen for the stories that smoking’s something you can’t quit and that you’re stuck with the habit, until the day YOU DIE (Which it is for around 1 in 2 smokers, to be honest).

Then one day they decided they’d been playing Russian Roulette with their health for too long and now wanted to quit & since they knew a few ex-smokers I’d previously helped they contacted me to see if I could “do it to them like I’d done it to my friends”.

And so, after speaking to them & confirming they really wanted to quit I agreed to take them through the HypnoQuit Programme


HypnoQuit Stop Smoking Programme


Sidenote: HypnoQuit is a Highly Detailed Programme, it’s much more than ‘just’ a hypnosis session – if you’re looking to quit & chose a hypnotist local to you then ensure that your hypnotist covers ALL the issues around your old smoking habit – after all, you do want to quit for good, don’t you? Get in touch if you’d like to know a few questions to ask them to check they’ll bring their A-Game to the party.


Anyhow, this person, let’s call her Sheila, said she felt great, as if a great big burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

Just think – in the morning Sheila believed she was a smoker & by lunchtime it’s as if she’d quit decades ago.

Can YOU imagine that?

Are you a smoker who is SERIOUSLY ready to quit smoking?

If you’re ready to quit then get in touch – I work with a select group of other highly qualified stop smoking specialists throughout the UK / Europe & so if you’d like me to suggest a contact that’s near to your location, feel free to contact me – no smoker needs to go to their grave thinking “I can’t quit” as that’s utter BS.

Have a great day!

“I never realised I was worth so much on the black market until …”

The red-black market wants your remains

I don’t know about you but I believe the human body is a wonderful creation

The way it grows, resizing itself from when we’re born, adding a few more cells here and there & replacing cells when they die, it’s simply awesome.

Over many millions of years we’ve evolved up & out from that primordial soup when we were no more than lizardy-things up through neanderthal man, all the way to the pinnacle of perfection we are now.

Another amazing ability our body has, which is also what I’d say is it’s Achilles heel, is it’s ability to keep on keeping on when we’re punishing it every day.

By that I mean, if we sit around all the time never stretching or breaking sweat, it just carries on.

And if we eat crap all the time, such as sugary drinks, chocloate bars, take-aways and microwaved meals, it just carries on.

And if we keep putting it into fight, freeze or flight mode by overeacting to situations or thoughts, once again it just carries on.

In the long-term, however, we can find our joints seize up or wear out, our arteries clog up, our fat levels go through the roof and our BMI’s would suggest we’re trying to become a Jabba the Hutt body double for a cosplay club.


be like jabba the hutt


Now if you’re ok being fat, stressed & willing to die earlier than needs be, that’s ok with me too, but if you’re not, consider this:


The 45 million dollar man

Recent research suggests that if someone could harvest and sell every organ in their body they’d make, or rather their executors would make, around $45,000,000!

Yup! That’ works out as quite a few quid too!

Actually, the average price of a dead human body comes in at around $550,000 or so, but I’m sure your nearest & dearest would be glad of that kind of cash.


Body part price list

Here are some suggested market forces, no doubt they change as supply and demand changes (Burke & Hare, anyone?)

Fancy getting a new cornea? $24,400 implanted

Is your ticker giving up? Hearts for $997,700 legally or $119,000 illegally

Need a new Livers? Legal, to you for $557,100 or Illegal for $157,100

Chose your country for your Kidneys, since from the U.S. they’re about $262,900, from China it’s less, just $62,000 and from India, they’re, literally, a steal, at $15,000 apiece.

Been pounding out too many marathons & finding you’re running short of a few Ligaments and Bones? No problems, since you can pick them up for a few thousand dollars apiece, depending on which ones you require.

Perhaps you’ve just discovered you’re missing a bit of skin?  That comes in at around $10 per square inch

And if you fancy doing the human equivalent of re-shelling a car, a fresh, hardly run-in human skeleton can be yours for between $2,993 to $5,500

I don’t think Amazon Prime covers this product range, yet, so you might need to arrange alternative methods of collection.


How to acquire body parts

Body parts are ‘acquired’ one of two ways, legally, and illegally.

The two main legal routes are either by donations by friends or families or gifts from charities or non-profits as they call them ‘over there’.

There are many more illegal ways to source the necessary components, however, & this includes:

1. Looted Graves

2. Crooked morticians

3. Paid donors (not that they’ll get very much cash for this)

4. Executed prisoners

5. Live prisoners

6. Blood Farms


Why are the prices so much lower for black market body parts? Well I’d suggest it’s because it’s rather, aherm, awkward, to explain where the parts came from when they turn up in the operating theatre (” …. & so I was just flicking through eBay recently, when I …”).

So why am I telling you this, you might ask?

Simple …


There’s absolutely NOTHING stopping you from, as of TODAY, deciding to do a little more exercise, to eat a little less crap, to cut out just a few of those time-wasting things that stress you out by avoiding the important things you need to deal with in your life.

You see, every day random S}iT happens and people die … YOU could be next.

One day from now you will DEFINITELY have ‘just 6 months left to live‘, in fact that countdown timer might already have started for you, so do you really think that dossing around worrying about totally unimportant c@ap, such as who’s going into Celebrity Big Brother or who’s sleeping with who on Love Island matters one jot?


coaching programme


Here’s what YOU need to do, today

You don’t need my help to cut down on eating rubbish, to go for a 5 min walk, do 20 press ups (against the wall if you’re unable to do at least one on the floor) and to cut down on watching TV.

So what’s it going to be for you? More of the same old same old, or are you willing to commit to Just Five Minutes’ of change today.

You never know, might just change your life.

It’s better than waiting until you get that telephone call from the doctor, “… I’m sorry to have to let you know, but …”

Post down below what you’re going to commit to do, after all, I’m only talking about #JustFiveMinutes

Where in your life are you underselling yourself?

I had an interesting session recently with a stop smoking client, which showed how easy it is for us to not realise how powerful we really are.

Yes, the client had come to me for help in stopping smoking, but they’d commented that they’d always light up before and after a long flight, something over twelve hours for example.

Twelve hours!

What this client hadn’t recognised, until I pointed out, was that in the last seven days I’d been working with clients who had such a fear of flying that they’d be lucky to manage twelve minutes!

Let alone twelve hours.

Makes you think, doesn’t it.

So this client was feeling bad that they couldn’t stop smoking, but had totally missed the fact that to them a twelve hour flight was just something they could do without any concerns whatsoever.

thumbs up hypnotist peterborough

So let me ask you, where are YOU underselling yourself?

Where might you be telling yourself you can “only” do X whilst doing Y but not acknowledging that many people wouldn’t or couldn’t do that Y thing for a million pounds?

The fact is we are all awesome … & a lot of my work is focused upon helping my clients to realise just how awesome they are … & then help them to become even more awesomer (Not sure if that’s a real word, it is now!)

If you’d like to explore how more your life could become, or where perhaps you’re holding yourself back or playing small rather than large, contact me for a conversation that could well change your life forever (yes, I’m that good!)