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Could you be a secret underachiever or underearner?

Could you be underearning or underachieving and not even realise it?

So what is an underearner or an underachiever and how does under earning or under achieving show up in your life?

Good question!

Here’s a short test, just four questions, read them and ask yourself whether they fit with your current situation.


Do you ever feel like this?

Q1. Are you someone who always seems to find themselves trying their hardest to make a success of each job you’ve had or business you’ve started, but, every time, something happens that causes all your good intentions to fail?

Q2. Are you someone that’s always finding you’ve never got enough money, so that whenever you find yourself earning more that it all seems to go all too quickly?

Q3. Does it sometimes feel like your life’s a game of Snakes and Ladders … but for you the dice appear loaded and all you’re ever doing is taking one step forwards and two (or more!) steps backwards?

Q4. Do you ever wonder why other people around you, perhaps (and you can be honest here since nobody but you can hear what you’re thinking!) those people who you’d say aren’t as capable as you or as clever as you, they’re the ones who always seem to be able to get on and up the correct ladder of success, but you keep slipping down in the opposite direction, riding the snakes back to square one every time?


snakes ladders underearning


So how did you score?

How many were a “Yes”?

Could you be an underachiever or underearner?


Even one “Yes” would suggest that the programme I’m soon to launch will be a game-changer for you!

Based upon many hours of working clients, along with my own personal experiences of these issues, I’m putting together the final parts of a 6 week programme I’ve developed to deal with this for you.

By the end of this programme you’ll understand exactly what you’re doing to yourself, saying to yourself an telling yourself about whether you can achieve or not – and you’ll have turned those thoughts round to support you not hold you back any longer.

You’ll also have easy, near-automatic ways to check whether you’re ever back-sliding down that snakes and ladders board again, not that you will, but just in case!

You’ll also be able to make massive and permanent (YES PERMANENT!) changes to those beliefs around underearning, underearning and not allowing yourself to receive all the various opportunities that are around you.

YES! Those opportunities are around you – but at the moment you’re just not seeing them!


Calling for Beta-Testing Clients

If you’d like to be part of the Beta Testing group I’m going to work with a small group of new clients and I’ll be offering this at a deep discount to those early-bird people, since I want to get the word out there that overcoming underearning and underachieving IS POSSIBLE!

Who this programme will work for: If you feel you’re an underachiever, an underearner, ever felt like you’re lacking in confidence, set your sights low in life or have struggled with Success Inhibition, Imposter Syndrome, Performance Anxiety or similar, you’re going to find this and AWESOME way to break free from those limiting patterns and beliefs.

And people, this DOES NOT only apply to those who are unemployed, dissatisfied with their job, business or career path since, these issues apply AT ALL LEVELS of income and success, since it’s YOUR MIND that’s controlling your success thermometer … and unless you check it every so often you’ll never know whether you’ve set it way too low.

So if you’d like to be part of the test group contact me or reply to this post & I’ll get back to you.

Is Imposter Syndrome all a fake?

It does seem that every few weeks a news story breaks that reports how a high ranking director of an organisation has been dismissed when it’s been discovered that their cv and career history was fabricated.

Amazingly enough, those people had often been in those positions for many years without the offence being brought out into the open.

So, if those people can lie, fabricate a convincing back-story and bank a wage to which they weren’t entitled, why is it that other people, suitably qualified for their particular positions, live with an incessant and nagging doubt that they’re going to be unmasked, named as unsuitable, an imposter in fact?

Where does imposter syndrome originate?

Perhaps we feel we were simply “lucky” at school or later, that the right questions simply came-up in the exams we sat, or that someone else’s results were accidentally swapped with ours.

We “know” we don’t deserve the results, promotions or positive feedback we get.

It is as if we believe that one day someone will turn up in our office and announce that we do not have the qualifications we think we have and that we are a fake.

Whilst on the one hand we know that this isn’t true, on the other hand we do believe it, and that part is the part that keeps nagging away in your head telling you that you don’t really deserve your success.

Coaching can very quickly and effectively obtain resolution of those feelings so that you can be free from those nagging voices and get on with enjoying your life.