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If you feel your time’s running out you need to Read This!

“But you don’t understand. I need to get it ALL sorted by tomorrow!”


Do you ever feel that way too?

Sometimes, by the time my clients come to me to talk about what’s troubling them, they’ve been bottling things up for so long that it’s as if they feel compelled to “make up” for the delays that have happened in their life.

One of the big problems, however, with this “rush to be successful” is … that’s not how it happens for 99.999% of people who gain success in whatever they do.

And also, even those who post on Facebook, Instagram & who are ‘self-appointed success gurus’ have are actually playing fast’n’loose with their truths, since stuff takes longer than they’ve made out.

So if you’re someone who’s feeling that time’s running out & you’ve “gotta get it all sorted NOW”, here’s a great quote that I’ve recently discovered, courtesy of Barbara Huson, an amazing Wealth Coach in the US of A.


Julianne Moore Charles Stevenson Life Success Coaching


It’s by actresses, Julianne Moore.

“You don’t start out thinking, I’m going to be a star!

You think, I hope I get an agent.

Then, I hope I get an audition.

Then, I hope I get a job.

If you think too far ahead, it’s just overwhelming.

It’s better to just keep on going, bit by bit, one foot in front of the other.”


From what I know that method’s worked turned out quite well for her, so perhaps you’d do well to give it a go, too … just take one step at a time, & keep on stepping.

Think you’re stuck with Insomnia, think again

It’s about 2:45 am in the UK as this goes live if you’re reading this now then, you should really be asleep, so I’ll be brief …

Working as a coach & psychotherapist is a wonderful career & the testimonials are awesome, since where else do you get thanks like this …

“I would like to thank you for all the help I have received & will always be very grateful to you.”

Miss C. Werrington, Peterborough (Insomnia)


insomnia - werrington


Client confidentiality precludes my commenting in much detail, however, it’s safe to say resolution of this issue for her has been life changing, since sleep for her is now something to be enjoyed and savoured, rather than something to be experienced as quickly as possible.

… & this was something which had been affecting her for around 15 years, every evening, by the time she contacted me.

Rather like comparing a soft relaxing bed with wonderful linen to medieval torture (& yes that’s how it was for them)

Is insomnia something that affects you, or do you have your own challenge you keep on trying to deal with all on your own.

If it is then would you like to discover a simple way to overcome that problem, permanently?

Comment below & I’ll explain whether your type of insomnia could be helped too.

So until we speak, best you get back to counting those sheep.

Have you been failing enough lately?

Have you been failing successfully lately?

Have you had some really good failures?

Are you failing enough or could you fail MORE?

I’m asking because many of my clients are very concerned about being no good at things, as if they themselves are failures every time they fail at something.

And if that’s the way you think about the things you do in your life, I’d suggest you’ve got things back to front.

You see, we only get better at stuff by ‘having a go’, trying it out, seeing what happens, etc.

Which will often mean that what we do first time around won’t be too good.

So what! What’s wrong with not being good at something the first time around, since that’s the only way we can ever get better at what we do.

Take something like maths (or math to you Yanks out there). To start with it’s all a jumble of rules, which, over time we begin to understand … & then the teacher goes and resets the syllabus & we’re back to square one again.


become a successful failure coach charles stevenson


But it’s only by going through this step by step understanding & non-understanding that our knowledge can grow.

Or if maths isn’t a good example for you, how about fitness or exercise?

First time in the gym and we’re each a blubbering, sweaty mass of worn out body lying in a pool of sweat (Well, I was, at least!)

But later, over time, with practice, those impossible moves, stretches or lifts become part of our rep range, & so what do we do next?

… we start trying to do better than before …

… and keep failing at that level until we ‘level up’.

…. and that’s how we go, each time.

So when you think about it that way, it’s true what they say, isn’t it …

… if you want to be more successful in life, fail faster.

So what have you failed at today?

Or what are you secretly afraid of failing at?

Reply below, I’m sure you’ll feel better once you do.