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OMG it’s wedding season!

We’re all well into the wedding season by now, which means whether your someone who’s ‘just’ going along as a invited guest, or one of the key players in the day, there’s going to be emotions being stirred-up.

Whilst the Wedding Day itself is meant to be the happiest day of your life (for the bride & groom at least), for many people the whole shebang can bring on a wide range of emotions, not all of them very helpful.

Every year I am contacted by people who are looking for help to overcome issues either directly related to, or being brought to the surface as a result of an impending wedding event.

Some of the types of situations I’ve worked with include such as:

1. Fear of giving their speech in front of friends and family

2. How they’ll look all dressed up – And This DOESN’T just apply to you ladies, men are just as bad about this too!

3. Worry about overspending & ‘keeping up with the Joneses’

4. Brides or grooms not being able to tell their parents who they do, or don’t want invited.

5. Issues around ex-partners now getting hitched and how to let that old relationship go


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6. How to handle members of their families who are disapproving of their marriage

7. Nerves (or plain 100% awful panic attacks) over the very idea of having that first dance in front of everybody

8. Resentment over the cost of the hen- or stag-night (or weekend), especially since “they” never attended mine (that was a doozy, & they were happy when those feelings abated!)

9. Issues around parents, ex-parents, partners, ex-partners, children of current & previous relationships & how they will be treated by others on the day

& that’s just a small list!

So if you’ve got ANY nerves, worries or concerns about any big events that you’ve been invited to & how you’re going to cope, I want you to know that you’ve got a strong chance of being able to get all those feelings resolved VERY QUICKLY, oftentimes in just one or two sessions.

Like to know more?

email, contact me or call & we can schedule a call to discuss what’s on your mind.

Let’s make it an awesome day for you.