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I coach people who are coming to the realisation that the plans they’d made for their lives aren’t working out as they’d intended.

Quite often these issues have been nagging away in the backs of their minds for quite a while until something’s occurred that’s brought the reality of how different their life is compared to what they’d hoped for, into sharp focus.

… and it’s then that they’ve decided – things have got to change.


Do you feel this way too? Does if feel like you’ve lost your direction in life?

Below are some example situations, drawn from the circumstances that previous clients were in before we started to work together.  As you read them, ask yourself: do they resonate with you, do you feel similar things are happening in your life, or do they leave you cold and unmoved, since your life’s progressing just as you’d always wanted it to?

  • Whether successful or not, you feel like you’re trapped or limited by a boringuninspiring job where you feel you’re doing everything by rote and going nowhere fast

  • Everyone around you considers you to be success personified, but to you it all seems rather shallow and uninteresting

  • Even though your career used to give you a buzz, things have changed and you’d secretly love to tell them all to “Stuff it!

  • You’ve been dreaming about making some changes, but work and other commitments seem to make it no more than a pipe dream

  • Your job ticks the wealth and prestige boxes, but you want something that’s more meaningful, even though those around you don’t see the world the same way you do

  • Every day’s beginning to feel like a scene from “Groundhog Day“, never changing, nothing new, and you can’t see a way to break free

  • You wake up in the morning and think, “OMG! If the person I’m living with is my ‘soul partner’, who the hell have I turned into!?”

  • You feel like you’re trudging through life like a sloth on auto-pilot. You’re tired, overwhelmed or bogged down with too many things to do, too many ideas, too much responsibility, or too much information and not enough time

  • You rarely wake up excited about your day, but don’t know how to discover (or reconnect) with your life’s purpose: your true calling that makes you come alive

  • You’re craving freedom, flexibility, and the ability to do the things you love, but feelings of guilt or fear are holding you back

  • Life just feels predictable and dull, as if it has less of a buzz to it. You notice that happy things don’t get you quite as happy as they used to and you’re not sure why

  • You compare yourself to everyone else around you and question your own abilities and self-worth

  • You know you’re capable of achieving and doing more, but you procrastinate and put things off. Then you worry that life is simply passing you by without you accomplishing the things that really matter to you


coaching passion led us here

What’s your thoughts? Did I have you at ‘Passion’?

So how did you score?  Did any of those statements reflect back to you what’s going on in your mind or your life at the moment?

If you found yourself identifying with the feelings in those situations, then it could well be that coaching would be a great next step for you. All too many people think and feel thoughts just like those above, but only a few people actually do anything about it – don’t fall into the same trap of telling yourself, “I’ll deal with it tomorrow” – take action TODAY.

So what about you?  On your death bed are you going to be the person who says, “I wish I had.“, or will it be, “At least I did.“?  Just imagine … for a moment … that you could change ANYTHING in your life. What would you put on THAT to-do list?

Contact me and let’s talk.


How would it be for you if you could re-define yourself and create goals that you were totally committed to achieving?


charles stevenson coaching rocks


As an experienced Coach I’ve a strong and successful background in helping my clients to switch around their lives so they uncover what makes them great and then take giant steps to create a life that’s totally aligned with the person they want to become.

Together we uncovered the hidden tripwires in their minds that blocked them from becoming the person they wanted to become, changing all those thoughts and beliefs that conspired to hold them back.

… and it can work for you too – so you can then choose whether to either defuse those thoughts, or to find a better path to the places you want to get to – so your life can become awesome!



Still sitting on the fence? This may help to provide some clarity

Every client I’ve ever worked with has, on some level, held onto beliefs such as “I can’t do this”, or “It won’t work for me”, when they began to get clearer on their life goals – and it’s those beliefs that will act to destroy ambitions and dreams – unless dealt with once and for all.

Those “cant’s” or “won’ts” or “I have to put up with’s” often show up in small ways, nagging examples that keep tugging at your thoughts, small and nearly silent reminders who are always there, signalling to you that “things have got to change around here.” 


Do Not Ignore Your Inner-Voice – It’s The REAL You


Here’s a link to some further reasons why my clients benefit tremendously from coaching

As a coach that specialises in helping clients to achieve great results, overcome their inner-challenges and achieve their health and fitness goals I’m sure you’re living a life below what you could achieve.



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