Do you ever wish you could have the life you desire… but feel something inside you’s holding you back?

Does it feel like you keep on second-guessing or doubting what you’re worth or who you really are? Because if you do then I can help you to change everything around for you.

But before I explain how, let me ask you, have you ever found yourself doubting your skills or abilities by telling yourself things such as this…

  • “I’m not good enough for this position.”
  • “This is the time I’ll really screw things up.”
  • “I’ll let someone else take the lead – I’m simply not ready yet.”
  • “Surely this is the week I’m going to be asked to resign.”
  • “It won’t be long until they realise I’m faking it.”
  • “No one from my class, colour, race, country gets to the top in this industry.”
  • “I don’t fit in. They’re only tolerating me because they have to.”
  • “Someone from my background can’t ever expect to make it around here.”

If that sounds like you then you sound like you’re probably suffering from a combination of Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome (also known as Impostor Phenomenon or Imposter Complex), a Fear of Failure and Underearning.

The more you achieve the worse it becomes

Maybe you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, or a senior executive who’s noticed those naggings, ever-present feelings of doubt.

Perhaps you hold a senior position in a school or university or you’re involved in science, IT or research but feel you’re not achieving recognition or income at the level you could be.

You may have a title such as at Director, MD, CFO, Exec, Professor, SVP, VP or plain old employee, but these issues don’t care about what you’re called, they can infect and affect everyone.

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Attacked from all sides

Rather like having to get into a boxing ring and battle a many-armed heavyweight monster, every day you’re fighting off the combination punches of Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, a Fear of Failure and Underearning.

Each will each be affecting you to a different degree and each holds you back from achieving the highest levels of success in all areas of your life. In extreme cases they can be so debilitating that they will stop you from even attempting to take steps you require to improve your situation.

And rather like a punch-drunk ex-boxer, the effect of the never-ending battle going on in your mind leaves you unable to think clearly, doubting your ability and stuck sitting on the stool in the corner when the bell rings for you to carry on in your life.

For some people these issues show up as playing safe, settling for second-best, letting others take the glory, and the bigger pay-cheque, for the results YOU had worked so hard to achieve.

imposter syndrome coaching charles stevenson

If this sounds like something you’re experiencing regularly then you need to know that… This Can Change. This is because none of what you’re experiencing is really your ‘fault’, it’s simply the way your mind is handling your thoughts.

So when we’ve uncovered, and refreshed the way you’re thinking, you’ll discover how much easier success can be for you. Using a structured approach it’s possible to look ‘under the hood‘ of your mind and provide your thought-patterns with the tune-up they require.

Together we can identify your old, out of date beliefs related to your abilities, wealth, finance and success – and then update them. Once this is done you can develop and install fresh thoughts and beliefs so you’re no longer stuck, spinning your wheels getting nowhere fast.

In case you’d got any questions, here’s a link to my FAQ page where you’ll find all the answers you need to read.

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Do you ever take these actions?

Being stuck in the cycle of Imposter Syndrome, Underearning and Fear of Failure can appear in various ways, such as:

  • Not going for a promotion that everyone else says you’d get
  • Not following up on personal or business debts owed to you
  • Beating yourself up over one bad day’s work
  • Delaying working on a task such that it goes wrong because of your poor timing.
  • Always running out of money at ‘just the wrong time’
  • Putting off starting, or developing your own business
  • Keeping your fees below what you know others would charge
  • Being in denial about the state of your finances
  • Spending time on doing work below your pay grade
  • Overthinking or trying to second guess everything you do
fear of failure underearning imposter syndrome phenomenon

Does that sound like you?

Have you ever found yourself in any of those situations? I’m willing to bet that you have.

It’s the thoughts like those above that will stop you from feeling more confident and self-assured, earning more and achieving more, or from simply having a more rewarding and more fulfilling life.

How would it be if you were to discover that the ONLY reasons stopping you from achieving more, earning more and creating a better life for yourself were the thoughts in your own mind?

My Signature seven step programme will help to uncover and eliminate what’s holding you back so you can get on track to create life you were destined to live. You can find out more about how you can achieve the change you want here.

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My invitation to you

If what you’ve read reasonates with you then please accept my invitation to select a time in my online diary when we can discuss how you could benefit from this programme.

This next step could be the beginning of a new life for you.

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