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Help for You to Stop Under-Achieving and Under-Earning

Do you ever feel as if you could be more successful in your life?

Does it frustrate you that you’re not earning what you feel you deserve?

Do you find something always happens to stop you achieving your goals?

Does it feel like others earn more and get more out of life than you, but seem to put in less work to do this?

Does it feel like these patterns have been with you for a long time?

Would you like things to change, to be able to become the person you’ve always wanted to be?

If that sounds like you then I’m going to suggest that you’ve most probably got unconscious blocks around wealth, self-value and have placed a lid on how successful & wealthy you can become.

The GOOD NEWS, however, is that that restriction doesn’t have to be permanent.

I can help you to change those limits, to eradicate them so you can truly achieve the goals that light you up.

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If you’re always being frustrated by the state of your finances, falling short of your goals and seeing others achieve more than you (whilst doing less work than you), then I’d also suggest that you’re an under-earner or an under-achiever.

It’s not your ‘fault, it’s simply that your mind’s running patterns and programmes that have been there for so long that you can’t, currently see that they’re there.

And even if you feel that money, wealth, prestige or suchlike aren’t the most important things in life, without a semblance of those, many of your aims, goals and desires will stay unfulfilled.

That’s why you might be surprised to discover that being an under-earner or under-achiever has no direct correlation with your actual income.

It’s simply means you’re making choices, either consciously or unconsciously, that lead you be earning less of an income than you could achieve.

Programmed as children, re-programmed as adults

Underearning isn’t just something that affects people on a low income since many underearners actually have very high incomes.

Rather like an invisible glass ceiling in your mind, an underearning barrier stops you from progressing to the next level of your career and life.

Limiting beliefs around money and wealth are often dressed-up or disguised in various other beliefs or ways of thinking that you’ve become used to and affect both ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ people alike.

Many of which we first learned when we were children.

money blocks underearining underachieving start in your childhood

Would you like to get back on track, to get a fresh road map for your goals?

I help clients to identify and remove their old, out of date beliefs around wealth, finance and success and then install fresh thoughts and beliefs so they’re no longer stuck, spinning their wheels getting nowhere fast.

And that being stuck can appear in various ways, such as:

  • Not going for a promotion that everyone else says you’d get

  • Not following up on personal or business debts owned to you

  • Always running out of money at ‘just the wrong time’

  • Putting off starting, or developing your own business

  • Keeping your fees below what you know others would charge

  • Being in denial about the state of your finances

  • Spending time on doing work below your pay grade

  • Overthinking or trying to second guess everything you do

It’s patterns like this that can stop you from earning more, achieving more, or from simply having a better and more fulfilling life.

charles stevenson coach peterborough

And sometimes it’s quite a shock to realise that we’ve been holding ourselves back for all those years.

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Do you ever feel like this?

Perhaps you feel how they felt too.  Here are a few examples of what some of them said when we first met …

  • Everyone around me keeps telling me I’m successful, but I feel a failure, like I could do so much more in my life.
  • I feel like I’m trapped in a boring, uninspiring job, doing everything by rote & going nowhere fast.
  • Every day is beginning to feel like a scene from “Groundhog Day”, never changing, nothing new & I can’t see a way to break free.
  • My career used to give me a buzz, but right now I’d love to tell them all to ‘Stuff it!’
  • I know I’m capable of achieving and doing more, but I procrastinate and put things off.  Then I worry that life is simply passing me by before I’ve accomplished the things that really matter to me.
  • But others seem to have it all, to be living the dream, so why can’t I?

Can you hear yourself in those client’s words?

Did any of those statements reflect back to you what’s going on in your mind or your life at the moment?

If you found yourself identifying with the feelings expressed in those situations, then you may be an unconscious underearner and uncovering those habits would be a great next step for you.

Many people think and feel thoughts just like those voiced above, but only a few actually do anything about it, so don’t fall into the same trap of telling yourself, “I’ll deal with it tomorrow”.

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There’s nothing honest, decent, good or righteous about being an underearner or under-achiever

Sometimes clients feel they’re doing the decent thing by being an underearner.

However, that underearning can lead to lost opportunities, out of date practices, underpaid staff or assistants, all through your own limiting beliefs. 

Perhaps you’re thinking of selling your business in the future, or to create a legacy for your family … so why would you want to short-change them by your short-sighted beliefs?

Take action TODAY

On your death bed are you going to be the type of person who says, “I wish I had”, or do you want to be able to say, “At least I did”?

How would it be if you were to discover that the ONLY reasons stopping you from achieving more, earning more and creating a better life for yourself … were the thoughts in your own mind?

Just imagine … for a moment … that you could write a list of everything in your life you’d love to change, what would you put on that list?

And then … to be able to re-create your life so those aims, goals and ambitions were to become part of your future.

Would that be a journey you’d like to travel along?

During the time we work together we’ll uncover the hidden tripwires in your mind that have stopped you from becoming the person you can be, and in doing so we can change all those thoughts and beliefs that are conspiring to hold you back.

Would that be helpful for you, since it’s when doing this that you’ll also discover the best route to becoming that person, so your life can become awesome!

Contact me and you can discover more.

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I’ll also be able to provide you with a roadmap so you can see a way to overcome this challenge.

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