Are you frustrated that you can’t shift your weight?

The clients I work with have often been trying to lose weight for years.

Many get in touch when they’ve run out of ideas.

They realise they’re stuck but they don’t know WHY they’re stuck & that’s where I can help.

So let me ask you, is this you?

  • Are you sick & tired of being on a diet all the time?

  • Do you feel like you’ll never get down to the size you desire?

  • Is the way you look affecting your sex life & how attractive you feel?

  • Do you yo-yo diet, always looking for the ‘perfect’ diet?

  • Are you embarrassed & angry that it all seems out of control?

  • Do you hate clothes shopping because there’s never anything stylish in your size?

  • Do you feel like a failure, as if you should be able to sort this out yourself?

  • Would it be so much less stressful & you’d sleep easier at night if you could get this dealt with?


If that’s how you’re feeling then now’s the time to take back control of your weight, because you’ve been lied to about diets, fitness, health & so much more.


Would you like to take back control of your weight?

I help clients to clear away the fog in their mind so they develop a razor sharp focus upon getting themselves back on track again.

I achieve this by helping you to change the way you think about yourself, your eating habits & exercise levels, in a way that makes those changes as effortless & natural as possible.


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Does it feel like you’ve spent forever trying to deal with your weight?

If you’re like the majority of clients I coach for their weight, it’s something that’s been a challenge for you for a long time.

Often because habits learnt from our early years still influence what we’re doing today.

Perhaps you’ve already spent countless hours reading fitness websites & magazines, attending classes, downloading ‘how to lose weight’ pdfs, watching YouTube videos, devouring Instagram & Pinterest posts, but still nothing seems to be changing for you.

It’s as if every one of those methods is missing out a key ingredient, one that’s essential to make those changes stick.

And that’s what we’ve got covered for you in the Finally Feel Fantastic Weight Loss Programme.


The Finally Feel Fantastic Weight Loss Programme

The Finally Feel Fantastic Weight Loss Programme helps professional business women in their 40’s & 50’s to break free from the lies and habits around dieting, to overcome their weight challenges and to get back to feeling fantastic again.

In the programme we’ll be exploring & helping you to make changes in the all the key areas of life that are stopping you from slimming down to the size you want to be.


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Let’s get this started

As a coach that specialises in helping clients to overcome issues related to diet, weight and self-image I’m sure you’re capable of creating a better, more healthy life for yourself.

In fact I’d all but guarantee it, since I do need YOU to do the work, after all!

Would you like to take part in a journey, to travel to a place where you’re honed & toned & healthier than you’ve been in a very long time?


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We begin with a powerful breakthrough session by telephone which will help to shape and clarify your goals and challenges.

I’ll then help you by challenging & changing your limiting thoughts & and show you where you’re able to become much healthier, fitter & lighter than you are right now.

The results will include feeling better than you’ve felt in ages, and your weight issues will be released too.

Contact me today to arrange your Finally Feel Fantastic Breakthrough Session & let’s get those changes started for you.


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