Hello. I’m Charles

I’m a trained and qualified coach, therapist and consultant with many years of experience in helping clients to change how they think about themselves and their lives and their futures.

Clients, just like you, have been helped to switch off those nagging voices that we ALL have – so they could live their lives on their own terms, without those crappy old limits being in place any longer.

And yes, we ALL have those voices in our heads – so you can relax a little bit more as you read on since you’re definitely not alone on this journey.

Coach Charles Stevenson
Coach and Therapist Charles Stevenson

Research suggests that around eighty per cent of people admit to suffering from at least one of those three success killers – Underearning, Impostor Syndrome and a Fear of Failure.

And you can be sure that of the remaining twenty per cent, well let’s just say they’re not aiming high enough and are affected too!

I know first-hand how our minds will play tricks on us to make us think we’re less capable than we really are.

Tricks that when uncovered and removed will allow us to grow into who we really want to become.

I’ve been on my own journey to balance my business life and home life, along with various other issues and distractions as well, so I’m very aware of the various tricks that our minds can play on us.

This journey’s already cost me a lot to get to where I am now (in time, emotions, missed opportunities and money) and I don’t want you to have to spend anywhere near as long on yours.

Maybe you’ve already worked with a coach, a therapist or a counsellor to give your mind the clear out that it required.

That’s good, but, and let’s be honest about this, you’re still stuck – and that’s why you’ve been searching on the internet for the next step.

So let’s uncover the shortcuts that are going to help you get your life, wealth, health, and happiness re-aligned as soon as possible.

How I help clients

If you’re a “just give me the facts” type of person you’ll totally ‘get’ the way I coach.

And if you’re anything like the clients I’ve worked with previously, you’ve probably already tried a selection of methods to deal with your ‘stuff’ before contacting me.

And that’s not worked out too well for you, has it?

Which most probably means that by the time we speak you’ll have run out of ideas and will (now) be open to considering an alternative way of seeing things.

And so what you’ll find when working with me is we’re going to approach things differently.

Whilst I’ll respect you for what you’ve achieved to date I won’t be in awe of you, so if you’re expecting me to be another “Yes man” who thinks you’re simply wonderful, there’s going to be trouble at t’mill.

And I’ll call you out on it if you start giving me excuses about what you can’t do, since I’ve heard it all before.

It’s simply what you believe, and believing it doesn’t make it the truth.

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I’ve been working with clients for many years, (I first started seeing clients in the mid 1990’s) and have racked-up many hours of one-to-one client sessions, including training and mentoring therapists and coaches along the way as well.

My studies have included a wide variety of therapy and coaching models, elements of psychology, and approaches to the brain, the mind, health and fitness – all so that my clients receive the best support possible.

All of this means that there’s going to be a variety of ways we can approach whatever’s holding you back, and with me as your coach you’ll be both challenged and supported to move past those blockages and to achieve your goals.

All from a non-BS approach way of working.

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Why I’m here for you

So why do I believe I may well be the best coach you could ever have to help you to achieve the changes you want to make and take your business and your life to the next level?

Well, the answer’s made up of two parts, my personal history, plus the skills I’ve acquired along the way.

A lot of my life has been spent either looking for the answers to my own questions in all the wrong places, or obsessively reading book after book to try to work out what was ‘wrong’ with my life.

Eventually, I began to see that I needed to stop looking ‘out there’ for an answer and worked with coaches and therapists to help me discover the answers from within myself (which was kind of obvious, in hindsight!)

That led to me developing and honing my model of how the triad of Underearning, Impostor Syndrome and a Fear of Failure can affect us greatly.

I’m committed to helping you to no longer waste a second more of your life not feeling the best you possibly can feel.

Would you like some help with your situation?

If what you’ve read resonates with you and especially if that voice in your head’s telling you that ‘it’ won’t work for you, then we’re on the same wavelength and should speak.

But if you’re not yet ready, that’s ok too.

I understand – it took me quite a while to be willing to drop the veil of being in control and ask for help also.

I’ll be here for you when you need me.

But – if you’re ready to take our relationship a step further, here’s how you can contact me to select a time for a no-obligation Strategy Call.

Or you can simply click on the button below and follow the steps indicated.

Let’s talk soon.

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