About Me

So why might you want to work with me?

So what am I like and am I someone you can trust to help you to get those problems of yours resolved so you can’t even remember what they were any longer?


I promise you’ll find I have an honest, no B.S. approach

If you’re looking for tea and sympathy I’ll tell you right now that I’m not the best fit for you, and if you feel you need to, or want to, sit through 12 (or more) sessions of a cosy fireside chat with a therapist or counsellor, I’m not your man.

But, if you’re frustrated with how you’re feeling, perhaps annoyed or disappointed with yourself as to how you keep putting off dealing with those things that are on your mind, or if you keep telling yourself that ‘someday’ you’ll pull your life together, and you want things to change sooner rather than later, call me – we need to talk.

I’ll respect you for what you’ve achieved to date but I won’t be in awe of you, so if you’re expecting me to be another “Yes man,” who thinks your simply wonderful, there’s going to be trouble.

And I’ll call you out on it if you start giving me BS about what you can’t do – I’ve heard it all before – it’s simply what you believe and not the truth.


Many previous client successes

Like to know a little more?  I’ve been working with clients for many years (started in the mid 1990’s) and have racked-up many hundreds of hours of one-to-one client sessions.

I’ve studied many therapy and coaching models, areas of psychology, and approaches to health and fitness that all come together to ensure I can deliver the best I can for my clients.

Those clients went on to obtain great results and massive changes in their circumstances – and I’ve got the testimonials available to show you when we meet.

This means that there’s going to be a variety of ways we can approach whatever’s holding you back – and as your coach I’ll be challenging you to move past those blockages and to achieve your goals (did I mention the no-BS approach?)


Before I became a Coach

Prior to becoming a full-time coach I had worked for many years within various Insurance and Banking companies, both within the City of London and further afield and spent 6 years working for a boutique firm of Management Consultants specialising in the Financial Services.


And also …

Two final nuggets of info about me; I once walked into the side of a bus when I was drunk in Nottingham (nothing broken, on me or the bus!) & one of my favourite post workout snacks is crunchy peanut butter on Ryvita crispbreads with a sprinkling of ground, dried chillies on top.


Let’s get this party started

So if you’re interested in making the remainder of your 2017 awesome and setting up your 2018 to become something never to forget, contact me today, give me an outline of what you want to deal with and let’s make it happen for you.

Coach Charles Stevenson