Hello. I’m Charles

I’m a trained and qualified coach, therapist and consultant with many years of experience in helping clients, just like you, to change how they think about themselves and their lives and their futures.

Research suggests that around eighty per cent of people admit to suffering from at least one of those these success killers, Anxiety, Underearning, Impostor Syndrome or a Fear of Failure.

And you can be sure that of the remaining twenty per cent, well let’s just say they’re not aiming high enough and are affected too!

If you’re a “just give me the facts” type of person you’ll totally ‘get’ the way I coach, and if you’re anything like the clients I’ve worked with previously, you’ve probably already tried a selection of methods to deal with your ‘stuff’ before contacting me.

Coach Charles Stevenson
Coach and Therapist Charles Stevenson

And that’s not worked out too well for you, has it?

Which means you’ve run out of ideas and so you’re open to considering an alternative way of seeing things, and so what you’ll find when working with me is we’re going to approach things differently.

I’ll respect you for what you’ve achieved to date but I won’t be in awe of you, and I’ll call you out on it if you start giving me excuses about what you can’t do, since I’ve heard it all before and it’s simply what you believe, but believing it doesn’t make it the truth.

Would you like some help with your situation?

If what you’ve read resonates with you and especially if that voice in your head’s telling you that ‘it’ won’t work for you, then we’re on the same wavelength and should speak.

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