About You

Are you as confident, achieving and successful as you could be?

I ask this because my clients come to me for help when they’re stuck. They’ve recognised they’re stuck and they no longer want to put up with trying to deal with challenges of Fear, Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, Underearning and a Fear of Failure.

When I first mention these issues I’m often met with initial pushback and you may even feel you’re not affected by them. Well, in that case, let me put it this way; once any one of those issues, or patterns, start doing its ‘thing’ in your mind then you’ll also find itself expressing itself via the other ways as well.

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If you have Imposter Syndrome

You’ll back pedal when opportunities to go for a promotion or a new job “because I’ll only be found out, anyhow”, which in turn keeps you underearning – there’s more about Imposter Syndrome here.

If you’re an Underearner

You’ll find ways to justify not increasing your income, or controlling your expenditure or saving so much you have to rack up credit card debts to survive (you get the idea).

And at the same time you’ll feel unable to dig yourself out of the financial hole you’ve created for yourself because you’re sure you’ll be found out for the Imposter you ‘know’ you are.

Discover more about Underearning here.

If you have a Fear of Failure

You’ll put up with your circumstances, allowing your finances to slowly reduce over time whilst missing out on opportunities to advance or improve your career.

Here’s more information about Fear of Failure.

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How do you want your life to change?

On your death bed are you going to be the type of person who says, “I wish I had”, or do you want to be able to say, “At least I did”? Just imagine… for a moment… that you could write a list of everything in your life you’d love to change, what would you put on that list?

As an experienced coach I’ve a strong and successful background in being able to help clients re-gain a sense of focus and direction. With this they’ve been able to uncover what makes them unique and then to take the next steps required to create a life that’s totally aligned with the person they wanted to become.

Together we’ll uncover the hidden tripwires in your mind that’s stopped you from becoming the person you can be, and in doing so we can change all those thoughts and beliefs that are conspiring to hold you back. It’s when doing this that you’ll also discover the best route to becoming that person, so your life can become awesome!

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Stop Trawling the Internet!

However much time you spend watching YouTube videos, downloading pdfs and listening to podcasts, there is nothing that is as visceral and as impactful as actually experiencing coaching yourself.

So I invite you to contact me and tell me what it is that you’d want to change in your life, to stop, start or change so your life could become awesome! We can then explore whether I could help you achieve this – to help you to identify and separate out what’s important from what’s just ‘nice to have’.

There’s no charge for your Strategy Call and no commitment to anything more. Take the next step to discover how much amazing your life could be.