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If you could change ANYTHING in your life, where would you first start?

The majority of clients I coach have already achieved successes in various areas of their lives, however, they have now arrived at a place in their life where they recognise that something’s missing or holding them back.

Those challenges aren’t ones that would form part of therapeutic work, even if they feel like they’ve been holding you back for a long time, they’re simply roadblocks on the continuing journey to future successes, and together we’ll be able to construct the right map for you to find a way around those roadblocks – so you can move forwards to achieve more in your life.

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Some example situations have included:

  • Transitioning from being a Director of an existing company to going it alone and setting up their own business

  • Overcoming discomfort regarding board-level sales presentations leading to increased sales results and promotion

  • Re-aligning work and family life to enable significant weight loss whilst taking forward business results

  • Breaking free from the fear of going for an executive level promotion, now obtained

  • Overcoming deep-seated beliefs of low-self worth due to personal background to secure a significant promotion

  • Work related stress reduction

  • Quitting an addiction which was impacting upon their health, finance and career

  • Improving personal presentation, body language and confidence in work and social situations

  • Re-structuring their business following divorce from their business partner and setting up afresh in new field

  • Uncovering of and developing a structured plan to achieve significant life-changing goals


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However much time you spend watching YouTube videos, downloading pdfs and listening to podcasts, NOTHING compares to actually EXPERIENCING coaching yourself.

So let me make this offer to you – contact me and outline what it is that you’d like to gain from coaching (and telling me you don’t  know what you want is absolutely ok!) and we’ll schedule a Clarity Consultation session where you can begin to experience what this stuff’s really like.

No charge and no commitment to anything more. 

Let’s just see how much more interesting your life could become. Contact me today.