Are you sure you really do want to change your life?

Are you sure you really do want to change your life?

Many people think that a hypnotherapist can make someone do something, as if the hypnotist can force their clients hand into becoming a different person.

Perhaps this way of thinking has come about as a result of the way hypnotism is portrayed in the media – hypnotherapists staring intensely into a client’s eyes, clients forced to focus on swinging watches, and other stage tricks.

But this is not the reality of how hypnosis *works*.

Since hypnosis is, at its simplest, just a way of enabling us to stop or re-direct any existing automatic thought patterns (the ones that aren’t presently helping you in life) and then introduce better and more useful ones.

Hypnosis can achieve this change because it allows us to *take down* the systems within your mind that guard and protect those thoughts from being changed.

It’s as-if we’re getting some security guards protecting the entrances to a particular building to move away from a doorway, so someone can sneak in past them and get inside un-noticed.

This means that once we’ve uncovered those habitual thought loops that are making you do whatever it is that you’d rather change, you’ll then be best-placed to create new thoughts, patterns, or routines in your mind so you start to do the things you want to do instead.

Hypnosis can often be best-described through the medium of images and metaphors and so it’s rather like switching the autopilot off so you can, just for a while, reset the speed, altitude and direction of travel within your mind, so you’ve placed yourself back on course again.

In this video I explain how I described this process to a new client so they realised that it’s important we help to remove old patterns before introducing new ones.

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