This is the BIGGEST Lie about Hypnosis, you don’t believe it too, do you?

If you've ever watched a stage hypnosis show you'll have seen the hypnotist making people do fun things on stage … & if you've ever watched a YouTube video of a hypnotherapist you'll see they *make* their clients relax, get stuck to a chair, etc. But the BIG PROBLEM with images such as that is that people, like you perhaps, get to believe the hypnotist is the one who is in control. It's a big lie And that's a BIG…

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Will hypnosis or coaching work if I’m not good with English?

Did you learn English when you were older, perhaps studying English as a second language (EOSL)? Do you have things on your mind that trouble you, but you're confused as to whether you'd be able to work with an English speaking hypnotherapist or coach? I answer these questions and more in this video . If English isn't your first language and so you're concerned as to whether hypnosis or coaching in English would 'work' for you, then the comments…

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Would your life improve if you had Warren Buffett as your personal coach, for free?

Berkshire Hathaway We all know that Warren Buffett is famous for his wisdom. The Berkshire Hathaway shareholder's meetings have for years been one of the biggest events on an investors calendar, growing from a few thousand attendees in the 1980's and up to 40,000 in the mid 2010's. People don't just want to hear him in person, many also pore over his writings in the Letter To Shareholders to decipher any hidden meanings that they can apply to their own…

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