“… and so perhaps you don’t really want to be thin, after all, do you?”

It’s a funny old issue, this weight loss problem.

And so I’m just going to offer up a suggestion for you; perhaps you don’t really want to loose that weight that you keep saying you do want to shed?

Since, after all, it’s “just” a case of calories in vs calories out, isn’t it?

And it’s “just” a case of doing a bit of regular exercise, isn’t it?

And we all know it’s “just” making sure we eat “quality” foods too, so how hard can that be?



Or perhaps there’s a little more to it than meets the eye.

Some food for thought

So before your throw a virtual low-fat shake at me, let me suggest that here’s where the answers might lie:-

Understanding how come all your previous weight changing attempts failed.

Recognising what patterns you’ve got that are sabotaging your success.

Letting go of why you might secretly want to keep yourself stuck.

Highlighting where in your timetable you’re putting yourself always in last-place.

What burdens you’ve elected to carry & what ones you can now ditch.

How being “too busy” helps you to stay fat.

Why you secretly love to fail at losing weight.


weight loss coaching


AIUI we’ve all got 24 hours per day, and within that time there’s opportunities for us to succeed at improving our health … or fail at it.

That choice is yours, nobody else’s but yours.

Don’t do that, do this

So if there was one suggestion I’d offer you it’d be this, stop lying to yourself, and admit you’re gaining from your ‘weight issue’.

Now if you’d like to stop gaining from it any longer, “all” we then have to do is change your thoughts about whatever you’re gaining, ditch that, & replace it with a better way of seeing how the rest of your life could pan out.

Doesn’t that sound a better way of being?

And it all starts by acknowledging that, at the moment at least, you don’t really want to be one once different from how you are, right now.

Hit reply to say whether you agree or disagree, both viewpoints are perfectly valid, BTW.

“Oi you. Fatty. I’m talking to you!”


Picture the scene for me; you’re on your way to work, or off to visit someone that you know, & you’re taking either a bus or a train.

So you buy your ticket, get onto the transport & sit down.

All seems good & going well.

Just a normal journey.

And there you are, minding your business, perhaps you’ve got your headphones on, or you’re looking at your phone, or reading a book when, someone looks at you, points and then says …

… “Oi, fatty, mind you don’t break the seat!”

… “You’re right ugly!”

… “Get your act together!”

… “OMG you must be sooo lazy to look that way!”

… “When are you gonna lose all that blubber?”

… “I can’t imagine you’d ever get a boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife looking like THAT!”

… “I’d pap you for my page but I ain’t got no wide-angle lens big enough on me phone!”

… “Bet they charged you double, taking up two seats like you are!”

How would you feel?

How would you react?

What would go through your mind?

What would you say, to them … & then to yourself?


bus train journey weight loss


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QUESTION: If it’s not appropriate for anyone else to say things like those about you, when did you start to believe it was ok to say just the same yourself?

Why, oh why do you believe saying those kinds of things are ever going to do any good, (unless you’re intending to make yourself feel even worse)?

The Very Next Time that you catch yourself saying ANYTHING similar to yourself about yourself do yourself a favour and turn it around.

Yup, that’s right.

Ask yourself, “What’s the 180 degree opposite comment that’d I love to believe instead.

And this doesn’t have to be a rose-tinted-spectacles comment, all I’m asking for is a baby step or two in the right direction.

… “Oi, fatty, mind you don’t break the seat!” Nope “Hey man, you should have seen me in the past, now that was a seat-breaking MF back then!”

… “You’re right ugly!” Ditch that and say “I’m looking better than I did a few days ago.”

… “OMG you must be sooo lazy to look that way!” could, if you let it, become, “I’m doing some exercise every day, I got a plan for the rest of my life.”

You get the idea, but don’t use my words, they’ve got to come from within YOU.

The key point is this; there’s not much we can do about what others say about us, but there’s a hell of a lot we can do about what We Say About Ourselves.

Try it for a while & let me know how you get on.

Might just change your life.

Weight loss tip #2


Learn to notice the difference between food hunger & emotional hunger

I offer this weight loss tip here as this is one of the big learning points that I work with when helping my clients understand more about how & why they’ve had a weight problem.

It’s essential that you’re able to notice WHERE you’re feeling the feeling that you believe will be addressed by eating.

This’ll mean you’ll begin to become aware as to where in your body you feel hungry, thirsty, tired etc, & where you feel sad, lonely, distressed or similar.

Most times clients discover that once they stop, listen, & feel their feelings they realise that each can appear in different ways & in different locations.

Feel it, play with it, go into it, think about it …

Notice I didn’t say “just go eat something”.


Just ‘be’ with that feeling, let it tell you what it needs to tell you & you’ll start to learn more about yourself.

You see, in the past you’ve gone straight for food, rather than listen to what’s really happening, which does nothing for your weight loss plans.

Yes, sometimes it’s simply going to be telling you that you need some food, for nourishment, but other-times it’s going to be bringing up feelings or memories you don’t want & then you’d (usually) by now have grabbed some food & covered those feelings up.


weight loss tips


Damped them down, hidden them away, out of sight out of mind.

And that’s not worked out too well for you, has it?

So just let yourself explore, just a teeny-weeny bit of whatever that feeling is, & notice what that’s telling you.

{Comment: You can see we’re getting a bit deep here, sorry, but the good stuff’s always under the things like this}

Simply exploring & playing with those hidden feelings & questioning whether you still wish to hold them as beliefs to live by can bring about awesome changes.

Try it out, give it a go, & if you’re stuck comment below or contact me & I’d love to give you some free feedback on how you can switch those thoughts around so they no longer trouble you.