Would your life improve if you had Warren Buffett as your personal coach, for free?

Berkshire Hathaway We all know that Warren Buffett is famous for his wisdom. The Berkshire Hathaway shareholder's meetings have for years been one of the biggest events on an investors calendar, growing from a few thousand attendees in the 1980's and up to 40,000 in the mid 2010's. People don't just want to hear him in person, many also pore over his writings in the Letter To Shareholders to decipher any hidden meanings that they can apply to their own…

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Are you sure you really do want to change your life?

Many people think that a hypnotherapist can make someone do something, as if the hypnotist can force their clients hand into becoming a different person. Perhaps this way of thinking has come about as a result of the way hypnotism is portrayed in the media - hypnotherapists staring intensely into a client's eyes, clients forced to focus on swinging watches, and other stage tricks. But this is not the reality of how hypnosis *works*. Since hypnosis is, at its simplest,…

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How to tell if you’re an underearner

Are you an underearner or an underachiever? Do you even know if you might be going forwards in life unknowingly being an underachiever or underearner? These issues play themselves out also within the areas of Success Inhibition and Imposter Syndrome, as well as many other ways too. Underearning is NOT the same as compulsive debting or over-spending, however, these can overlap for some people. Do you find yourself feeling or experiencing any of the following? You often feel anxious or…

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