Take this 7 question test to see if you’re suffering from Social Media Addiction

Do you know whether you're suffering from Social Media Addiction? Social Media Addiction (SMA) is something which has only existed for a few years, as the explosion in always-on connectivity allied to the proliferation of smartphones has meant there's always more information 'out there'. Are you someone who can't ever seem to stop checking their social media feeds? Research has suggested that some people may be more prone to becoming addicted to social media, however, anyone can exhibit some of…

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Is your nail biting habit losing you jobs, sales or promotions?

They say 'clothes maketh the man' (or woman) but what about your fingernails too? How good are they at showing you in the best way possible? Picture the scene; there you are, presenting to your client's senior board members regarding an important contract ... All's progressing well and the client is giving out various positive buying signals, so you move to close. "Would you like to complete the paperwork or shall I?" you might say, and pass the paperwork and…

  • November 12, 2018
  • BWRT
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10 signs you’re an underearner – Do you exhibit any of them?

If you've ever wondered why you're not as wealthy as you believe you should be, perhaps IT IS your fault, after all! I know some readers might take offence at that, "But how can I get out of my situation?" I'm guessing you'd be saying, so read on & let me explain further.   What is "Underearning?" Without being too esoteric, in a way somewhat similar to how "an object in motion will continue in motion, or at rest will…

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