Would your life improve if you had Warren Buffett as your personal coach, for free?

Berkshire Hathaway We all know that Warren Buffett is famous for his wisdom. The Berkshire Hathaway shareholder's meetings have for years been one of the biggest events on an investors calendar, growing from a few thousand attendees in the 1980's and up to 40,000 in the mid 2010's. People don't just want to hear him in person, many also pore over his writings in the Letter To Shareholders to decipher any hidden meanings that they can apply to their own…

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How to overcome presentation anxiety and deliver a perfect Father of the Bride Speech

Many people with presentation anxiety attempt to cope by developing the habits of a serial procrastinator, someone who's always saying "I'll deal with it later", and so if that's something you do, then you'll find this video helpful. It's also relevant if you get anxious when you have to give a speech or make a presentation. One of the interesting facts about public speaking is that for many people it's just work-related presentations that cause a problem and they are…

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When Jackie found her “reason why” her life changed for the better

Nothing in our lives ever changes until we want it to change - we must first define why we want to achieve these new results. And the one thing I've discovered, both from personal experience along with working with hundreds of clients across a broad spectrum of issues, is that until we can discover our 'reason why', we'll keep putting off making that change. Sometimes the reason why doesn't become apparent until someone else starts to rely upon you, as…

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