Will hypnosis or coaching work if I’m not good with English?

Did you learn English when you were older, perhaps studying English as a second language (EOSL)? Do you have things on your mind that trouble you, but you're confused as to whether you'd be able to work with an English speaking hypnotherapist or coach? I answer these questions and more in this video . https://youtu.be/JCgcEfJr93A If English isn't your first language and so you're concerned as to whether hypnosis or coaching in English would 'work' for you, then the comments…

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Melissa’s life changed when she overcame ‘boss anxiety’

Many clients contact me wishing to deal with anxiety or fear of certain situations. Once such client was 'Melissa', who was finally able to stand up to her boss. Quite often when a client comes to see me they'll have a 'laundry list' of things they want to deal with, as if the issues they've been putting off dealing with have grown bigger and bigger over time. This can actually mean they've waited longer than necessary before making contact (a…

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The HypnoQuit programme helps clients to simply stop smoking

Maybe you've arrived at my website because you want to stop smoking; if you have I want you to know that helping my clients to finally quit smoking and become a non-smoker again is one of the most satisfying procedures I use. Having had members of my family affected by smoking (and I was a smoker too) means I know first-hand how many lies and mis-truths smokers are force-fed so as to keep them stuck as a 'happy smoker'. I…

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