Think you’re stuck with Insomnia, think again

It's about 2:45 am in the UK as this goes live if you're reading this now then, you should really be asleep, so I'll be brief ... Working as a coach & psychotherapist is a wonderful career & the testimonials are awesome, since where else do you get thanks like this … “I would like to thank you for all the help I have received & will always be very grateful to you.” Miss C. Werrington, Peterborough (Insomnia)    …

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Do you have a fear of needles, a dread of going to the doctors, or having injections?

Is a fear of needles something that's affecting your life, stopping you going to the dentist, travelling on holiday or holding you back from applying for a job? Would you like to be free from this phobia (which is sometimes referred to as aichmophobia or belonephobia)? Previous clients I've worked with to overcome this issue have found that it had been affecting them so much that to even see a television play with actors using a syringe was enough to…

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Were your school days the best days of your life?

It's nearly back to school time (yikes!) It's around this time of the year that old problems regarding going back to school, or moving to a new school, begin to start playing even more heavily on the minds of parents and children. Sometimes it's just that normal slight apprehension about a new year, perhaps with new classmates & possibly a new uniform. However, it can also mean that bullying, stress, name-calling and other problems, avoided for the last six weeks,…

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