Your investment will reflect the variation in what’s included within individual coaching programmes, frequency of our calls, overall timescales and so on.

and s only an outline and we can explore this further during your Strategy Call.

Work with me in person to help you to deal with the various ways Anxiety and Fear, Imposter Syndrome, Underearning, Fear of Failure and Self-Sabotage are impacting your life, career and finances.

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This is an intense one-to-one programme where you will be taken on a journey to re-design your life.

We will absolutely eradicate the control Imposter Syndrome, Underearning, Fear of Failure and Self-Sabotage have over you and from that position help you construct a totally fresh and enthralling new life for you.

This is a very bespoke and couture arrangement, unlike any other coaching that you may have experienced before and can be constructed include a variety of components.

Optional Quit Smoking Module

Additionally, as the developer of the HypnoQuit® Stop Smoking Programme, if you’re a smoker and want to quit we can include this result into your coaching programme to further increase your health benefits.

What good is it if you’re a financial success but your life’s cut-short by a habit that’s something we can help you to stop?

We can also incorporate issues around your weight or health if those are relevant and have been impacted by your working arrangements.

Once we’ve spoken, I’ll talk you through the way we could best work together to help you to achieve the results you want.

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