Coaching Timescales

How Soon – How Quick – How Long

When working with some of my therapy clients we usually meet for no more than a few weekly sessions – blockage found, blockage removed, problem solved.

Working through the challenges of my weight loss clients, however, is different.

When I agree to take on a new client for the Finally Feel Fantastic Weight Loss Programme we will usually work together for an initial period of around six to eight sessions  and during this time I operate a ‘virtually unlimited’ coaching arrangement.

You’ll find an overview here and when we speak I’ll explain what this means so that you will understand how to get the greatest benefit from our time together.


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During the time we work together it’s my intention that you’ll have fun, probably find yourself laughing a little about just how silly you’ve been in the way you’ve been thinking about your challenges and then find yourself effortlessly propelling yourself into your new life, full of myriad benefits and attractions.

You’ll find yourself breaking free from the challenges that you thought were holding you back so that no long from now you’ll be wondering if they were ever really a limitation after all.

Unlike many other coaches, I also have a long and successful track record in helping people to release themselves from old limiting patterns, and regularly see clients to help them overcome problems of that nature.  

This means that there’s anything that’s in your past but stopping you moving forwards, you can be confident that we’ll deal with it, quickly and permanently, so you can take positive action on your new goals.

If you’re ready to make a giant leap into your new life call me or drop me a line on my contact form and we can arrange to speak.  

You can then tell me more about what you want to have happen in your life and we can begin a discussion that will, definitely and permanently, change your life forever.


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