Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the more frequently asked questions about coaching, including how it contrasts with therapy.

This is by its nature only a brief selection of the questions I’ve covered and you are free to contact me about anything else that’s not here.

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Why might I want coaching?

That’s not a question I can answer, as coaching isn’t a ‘need’ – the want has to come from within you.

What I can tell you though is that once we’ve explored your personal issues around confidence or self esteem and how they affect your life and your goals, by the end of that conversation you’ll know whether you want the journey to continue.

Contact me and let’s see where we can take you.

What’s the difference between coaching and psychotherapy?

Both deal with what’s going on in your brain, however, they are each approaching a similar subject from totally different perspectives, since they have each grown out from separate places, psychotherapy and sports.

Therapy seeks to provide a release from past hurts and upsets, whereas coaching seeks to build upon your successes to enable you to live the life you want.  

I invite you to take up the offer of a Strategy Call so that you can begin to experience what I mean, because experiencing beats explaining every time.

Will it work or have I left it too late to try?

The fact you’re asking the question means the answer is, “No, you’ve not left it too late.”

What’s probably happening in your mind at the moment is that you’re just doubting that it’ll work for you.

But you must want something in your life to be different, otherwise why else would you be visiting my website?

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Do you use hypnosis or hypnotherapy or BWRT® in coaching?

That’s a really good question.

Hypnosis, NLP and BWRT® are methods and sets of approaches that enable our words to take on a powerful significance in our minds and so, yes, there is an overlap, and since I’ve used these techniques to help hundreds of clients, they are useful tools in my toolbox.

However, coaching is not therapy so there’s no reading of scripts, relaxing background music or swinging pocket watches (unless you really want me to bring one along!)

Get in touch – because experiencing beats explaining every time.

What is an underearner?

Being an underearner can affect someone in various areas of their life. Key issues include;

  • Living with debt
  • Being vague about your net worth and exact level of debt
  • Being a success saboteur, eg frequent job changing
  • Too often putting other people’s needs before your own

If you feel you exhibit issues such as this then I’d suggest you may be an underachiever, which also impacts upon your levels of success in various areas.

What is Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome, also known as Imposter Phenomenon, is when we have a nagging feeling that we’re about to be found out for not having the ability to do the work we’re currently doing.

It’s often something that’s been troubling someone for decades and as such we can often assume that’s just how it is.

It can cause us to repeatedly doubt our abilities, even when we have many examples of our successes, such as awards, certifications and suchlike.

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Will my medical insurance cover this?

It’s possible but will rather depend upon your specific individual or corporate medical insurance.

It’s worth considering, how your coaching sessions would be treated when they are accounted for by the insurance company and whether perhaps having a note on your medical records suggesting you have might received treatment for a ‘mental health issue’ will have an impact upon any career steps you wish to take.

This is one reason why the vast majority of my clients self-pay.

Can my doctor or GP refer me to you?

Yes, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll receive funding from them since coaching isn’t therapy and with the tightened budgets within the NHS, there’s probably no spare cash in their budget.

What if I’m unemployed or on a low income?

Thanks for being honest with me and I need to let you know that I don’t offer free coaching, so if that’s what you’re seeking you’d do best to contact the UK’s NHS or your whatever is provided in your own country.

I do sometimes offer on-line group coaching and so if you send me your details I’ll let know when the next course is due to run.

However, and in the meantime, if it feels to you like we could be a fit, contact me, tell me why you want to work with me and let’s see what we can do.

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How long does the coaching take?

It depends.

Coaching is a process and, rather like going to the gym, it’s not something to ‘do’ for a session and then stop.

Usually I’ll work with a client for no less than four sessions, however, for other clients those initial sessions acted as a signposting process to highlight where we could work together to help in other areas of their lives.

Why shouldn’t I just join a gym or take a class?

If you’re interested in losing weight or getting fitter then that’s a perfect idea – as long as commit to attending regularly and follow all the necessary steps outside of that gym-time.

Remember – nobody can out-exercise a bad diet.

But data shows that having someone to hold you accountable WILL give you the motivation to keep going.

Later, you may find you can cut-free and motivate yourself, but to start with, having someone to keep you on track and who won’t accept any of your B.S. excuses will benefit you tremendously.

Why can’t I just buy a book on coaching or watch some You Tube videos and do it all myself?

You tell me.

It’s rather like comparing the difference between picking up a couple of ready-made T-shirts to take with you on a casual holiday, against having an item of clothing for a special occasion.

The first just fits if you’re lucky and are of average size, lasts a few washes and then falls apart, whereas the second fits you perfectly, helps you to create the image of who you want to be and stays the distance as you evolve as a person.

The choice is yours.  Call me if you’d like to compare the two.

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Do you only help with clients who have finance or business-related issues?

Not at all. My clients have sought help for a variety of issues that didn’t impact their finance or business selves.

Nor were all impacted by Imposter Syndrome, Fear of Failure or Underearning.

Spo if you feel that I could help you take your life to the next level, to help you overcome some blocks that are holding you back, contact me and we can discuss this further.

Do you provide a guarantee or offer a refund if it doesn’t work for me?

I guarantee that I will commit totally to helping you to the best of my abilities.

No coach or therapist can ever guarantee an outcome because it’s impossible to know in advance whether a client will commit fully to the process.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, a client’s desire to change comes up against some unexpected personal issues which means the desired results are not achieved.

Simply put, they prefer to stay stuck rather than do the work required.

Experience has shown that when I’ve previously had enquiries from people who are too fixated upon guarantees they’ve often been people who weren’t as committed to making the changes they said they wanted … as if they wanted me to ‘do it  for’ them.

But that’s not how the process works I’m afraid.

As my client your own desire and will power will be required for the process to work (which we can work on to make stronger if required) and so no, I do not give refunds as I have provided you with a service to the best of my abilities based upon your personal situation.

How can I discover more?

You’ve probably guessed my answer.

It’s “Call me or send me your contact details.”

Experiencing really does beats explaining, every time.

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