Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is that state of mind where you’re so caught up in worrying about what might go wrong that you don’t take action.

Fear of failure can trip us up in so many ways and can feed on itself, causing us to identify more and more reasons why we can ‘know for sure’ that we’ll fail.

Fear is a useful emotion and in the right context it keeps us safe from danger.

But many people experience extreme levels of fear (it’s also known as atychiphobia) over issues that don’t warrant such a severe response.

How badly do you suffer from a Fear of Failure?

  • Do you worry about what other people think about you?
  • Are you easily embarrassed when a mistake of yours is pointed out?
  • Does a poor performance mean you question your overall competence for everything?
  • Do you delay completing work, or miss deadlines because you have to make it ‘perfect’?
  • Failing makes you worry that people will lose interest in you.
  • Do you ever come down with stomach aches or headaches such that you run out of time, but have an excuse for your poor performance?
  • Do you procrastinate, ruminate, or find yourself missing deadlines or having to rush to complete them?

All of these actions are those of someone who suffers from a Fear of Failure.

Left to grow and thus affect more facets of your life can mean that fear of failure can begin to produce actions of self sabotage.

That’s logical really, in the way your mind sees your world. It ‘knows’ you fear failure, but because you’re focusing upon failure, that’s what it ‘knows’ you want, so it helps by sabotaging your plans, therefore you fail.

Simple really.

It’s a positive reinforcement of a negative experience – and unless you step in to change the programme it’ll run again… and again … and again.

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Your Fear of Failure will be addressed by specific components within my programmes.

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