Ah, fees. This is the one thing that always seems to cause people an issue.

Having worked in coaching and therapy for many years, I believe it’s because whilst most people plan out how much they can spend on their household purchases, holidays, hobbies, cars and suchlike, not many people put a line in their personal budget and name it “Life-Changing Personal Development”.

That being so, when you’re thinking about the costs associated with your coaching, ask yourself this: “What are you comparing the investment against?”

business coaching fees

Are you comparing it to:

  • The monthly membership fees for your local sports club or gym
  • How much you spend on your regular monthly or fortnightly visits to your hairdresser
  • Saving up for a special summer weekend break in a spa
  • Putting money aside for an unrepeatable once in a lifetime round the world cruise
  • … or doing nothing at all, keeping the cash in your pocket, and just hoping it’ll all work out all by itself

It’s really down to how much you value the rest of your life and whether you’re willing to carry on as you are at present.

Request your Clarity Consultation

Because of the varied requirements of the clients I coach, I find it is better that I first understand more about your situation and what you may require from me before I’m able to confirm the fee rate.

To provide such fee information before that seems to put the onus upon you to decide what you require, rather than me as your coach providing you with a framework in which we can work.

The fee will take account of your location, and whether we’ll be meeting in person for all or some of the coaching sessions, or will be using other methods, such as Skype, Zoom or telephone.

We’ll begin with a Clarity Consultation during which time we’d cover the key issues that will help to shape how we could work together.

Once we’ve completed your Clarity Consultation we should be able to decide whether we’re a good fit for each other and then, if appropriate, we can begin to scope out a way forwards to get you to where you want to be. 


Coaching Programmes

You’ll discover more about what’s incorporated in a coaching arrangement here, which I’ve found covers the majority of client requirements.

If, however, if required we can construct a framework that fits any particular requirements or restrictions you might have. 

Rather than shoe-horn you into a fixed format it’s possible to create a bespoke arrangement that works best for you.

This is something we can explore during your Clarity Consultation.

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