Bespoke coaching programmes

Once we’ve spoken, I’ll talk you through the way we could best work together to help you to achieve the results you desire.

This would progress over a period of from months and could include a combination of elements such as:

  • Scheduled weekly or fortnightly one-to-one coaching sessions either face-to-face or by Skype, Zoom or telephone
  • Targeted weekly or fortnightly email follow-ups or chase-ups on any scheduled actions you had agreed to carry out
  • Unlimited 24/7 email contact for on the spot issues
  • Brief ad-hoc on the spot coaching calls on hot-topics as occurring

Coaching sessions would usually be scheduled for 55 minutes, however, if necessary we can agree upon different timings for at an alternate frequency (eg 90 mins or 30 minutes) if that seems a better way forwards for your goals.

We can also build out from these elements a bespoke package that fits any particular needs or requirements you might have.

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Optional Health & Fitness Module

In addition, as the developer of the HypnoQuit® Stop Smoking Programme, if you’re a smoker and want to quit we can incorporate this into the coaching programme to further increase your health benefits.

Members of my family have been affected by smoking and so I ALWAYS recommend that any of my clients who smoke consider quitting.

What good is it if you’re a financial success but your life’s cut-short by a habit that’s something you can stop?

We can also incorporate issues around your weight or health if those are relevant and have been impacted by your working arrangements.

Once we’ve spoken, I’ll talk you through the way we could best work together to help you to achieve the results you want.

Transformational Life Coaching

Many times we can begin to feel there’s more to life than what we’re doing, as if we need to stop and re-evaluate both our current path and also our future actions.

If that’s you then taking time to clarify your goals (or even using that time to set some!) is a very rewarding and inspiring process.

This won’t be a time for looking backwards or naval-gazing.

No, far from it.

And the methods we’ll be using won’t require you to spend hours reviewing past problems and blocks, because, since we focus on where you want to get to, what you want to have happen in your life.

And it’s once you’re clear on your future that we can then help you to develop the appropriate mind-set to drive you forwards to achieving it.

It’s rather like re-booting a lagging computer system; sometimes we’ve got so many old, open but unused programmes running in our mind, those to-do lists, those old plans for the future now out of date, etc, that we can all benefit from re-starting again.

Or even better, to ditch the old operating system and start afresh with a new programme.

Or even going ‘off the grid’ for a while!

Some of the examples from previous client successes include making massive career changes, overcoming significant challenges, breaking free from relationships and creating even more fulfilling lives, starting businesses in new fields and much more.

Perhaps you might wish to improve or change your business, or even start on a totally new business path – it’s your life, so you decide.

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VIP Transformation Days

The traditional model of personal improvement was based upon it requiring weeks of repetition to “set” the new changes in place.  With an ever greater understanding as to how our minds work, allied to modern coaching methods, however, that old model is as antiquated as comparing the Model T-Ford to a Tesla.

If you’re a busy professional, perhaps someone who struggles to fit everything they want into their lives, but still wanting more, then you’re probably not going have time for the softly, softly approach and would prefer to just get everything sorted out and moving forwards P.D.Q.

To accommodate clients just like you I have developed an intensive transformational day where we can identify and release you from the triggers, patterns, and habits that are holding you back from achieving more in your life.

The VIP package is based around either one intensive single day appointment, or two half-days, depending upon our mutual circumstances and diary commitments.  

By the end of this you will have cleared out a selection of significant blockages and limiting patterns in very many areas of your life.

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As an additional output from this procedure we will also prepare a “next step” plan in which you’ll be able to identify the specific changes or enhancements to your life or business that you have identified as requiring change.  

The programme also includes a one hour (or two thirty minute) follow up Skype, Zoom or telephone coaching calls with me to be scheduled approximately 30 days after your VIP day(s).

As you will no doubt appreciate, not everyone is ready to step up to the challenge committing of massive change at this level and therefore I will only accept clients for this procedure if I feel they will gain the fullest benefit. 

Scheduling constraints mean I can only allocate time for a few VIP transformation days per month, so if you feel you’re at the place in your life where you could benefit from this contact me and we can arrange a telephone call together so we can explore what you want to deal with during the VIP transformation day.

By the end of that call we’ll both know whether the VIP transformation day is right for you, or not, and if it is we can arrange the next steps.

VIP transformational days can be held, subject to agreement, anywhere where we can arrange to meet.  

Don’t let distance or location hold you back from a life-changing experience.

To explore this further you can contact me by completing this form and we can then arrange an initial conversation to identify whether this approach would be right for you.

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Take the next step right now

So whether you’re ready to make a giant leap into your new life, or you just want to find out about putting your toe into the water, one step at a time, call me or drop me a line on my contact form and we can arrange to speak.  

You can then tell me more about what you want to have happen in your life and we can begin a discussion that could change your life.

After that conversation, you’ll probably find yourself beginning to understand yourself than ever before.

I look forward to hearing about your dreams and being able to help YOU achieve them.

Let’s talk

If you’re frustrated by how you feel your business life is affecting the rest of your life, or if you feel you may be holding yourself back from greater levels of success, or if you feel your career’s lost its ‘buzz’ or attraction, this could be a perfect time for us to speak.

Let’s just see how much more interesting your life could become.

Contact me today.

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