Underearning isn’t just a low income issue

Underearning isn’t something that only affects people on a low income since many underearners actually have very high incomes.

If you’re always feeling frustrated by the state of your finances, falling short of your goals and seeing others achieve more than you (often whilst doing less work than you), then I’d suggest that you’re an underearner.

Rather like an invisible glass ceiling in your mind, an underearning barrier stops you from progressing to the next level of your career and life.

That’s why you might be surprised to discover that being an under-earner or under-achiever has no direct correlation with your actual income.

It’s simply means you’re making choices, either consciously or unconsciously, that lead you be earning less of an income than you could achieve.

yesterday becomes tomorrow underearning

Habits from your yesterdays, still controlling your tomorrows

Many clients are quite shocked to realise that they’ve been holding themselves back for decades.

They have often risen to senior positions and have generated significant business results and personal wealth, but ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you ever feel as if you could be more successful in your life?
  • Does it frustrate you that you’re not earning what you feel you deserve?
  • Do you find something always happens to stop you from achieving your goals?
  • Does it feel like others earn more and get more out of life than you, but seem to put in less work to do this?
  • Does it feel like these patterns have been with you for a long time?

If that sounds like you then you’ve most probably got unconscious blocks around wealth, your abilities and self-value and have placed a lid on how successful and wealthy you can become.

Over time your Imposter Syndrome, Fear of Failure and Underearning habits have conspired to keep you stuck in a loop of self-destruction.

The GOOD NEWS, however, is that that restriction doesn’t have to be permanent.

You can reset those limits, to eradicate them so you can truly achieve the goals that light you up.

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It’s not your fault, however.

All that’s occurring is that your mind is running patterns and programmes that have been there for so long that you can’t, at the moment at least, see that they’re there.

And even if you feel that money, wealth, prestige or suchlike aren’t the most important things in life, without a semblance of those, many of your aims, goals and desires will stay unfulfilled.

Your Underearning will be addressed by specific components within my programmes.

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