Many forward-thinking companies are now allocating a proportion of their training and staff development budgets to enable more ready access to business coaches.

There are many advantages, to both the individual and the company, in having their key players work with a coach.

A coach can identify where your thoughts are perhaps running on ‘autopilot’, when we can all do or think in ways we’re used to doing, even when those patterns are no longer serving us too well.

A personal trainer for your mind

As your coach we’ll be working to ensure you achieve the best you can, in the direction you want to go.

Rather like how a sports coach can assess a player’s moves and highlight where improvements can be made, working together I’ll bring into sharp focus those areas of your life where you’re not taking the fullest advantage of your skills.

In addition, we’ll be able to identify where those business skills are spilling over into your non-work life and affecting that area too.

To find out more we can arrange a Clarity Consultation.

It’s an informal but focused meeting, either by phone or face-to-face.

Once we’ve arranged a time for your session I’ll send you note with a few questions that will act as prompts for when we speak, so we can make the most of our first meeting together.

This’ll mean we’ll be best placed to explore what’s been going on for you & how you might want things to change for the better.

Request your Clarity Consultation

It’s about you

Your Clarity Consultation would take around 35-45 minutes and as a result of this session you’ll:

  • Understand more about how your thoughts have been impacting upon your success

  • Identify some of the tripwires & landmines that have been stopping you achieving greater success until now

  • See more clearly a vision of a sharper & more focused business person, the new you

  • Outline a plan to achieve new business goals, including health & fitness goals where applicable

  • Feed back and highlight specific techniques you can begin to use immediately to change your life

We’ll also be able to determine the best way forward for you to begin to close in on your goals.

Timescales – How soon, how quick, how long?

When working with some of my psychotherapy clients we usually meet for no more than a few weekly sessions – blockage found, blockage removed, problem solved.

Working through the challenges of my coaching clients, however, is different.

When I agree to take on a new coaching client we will usually work together for an initial period of months and during this time I operate a ‘virtually unlimited’ coaching arrangement.

You’ll find an overview here and when we speak I’ll explain what this means so that you will understand how to get the greatest benefit from our time together.

Request your Clarity Consultation

During the time we work together it’s my intention that you’ll have fun, probably find yourself laughing a little about just how silly you’ve been in the way you’ve been thinking about your challenges and then find yourself effortlessly propelling yourself into your new life, full of myriad benefits and attractions.

You’ll find yourself breaking free from the challenges that you thought were holding you back so that no long from now you’ll be wondering if they were ever really a limitation after all.

Unlike many other coaches, I also have a long and successful track record in helping people to release themselves from old limiting patterns, and regularly see clients to help them overcome problems of that nature.

This means that there’s anything that’s in your past but stopping you moving forwards, you can be confident that we’ll deal with it, quickly and permanently, so you can take positive action on your new goals.

If you’re ready to make a giant leap into your new life call me or drop me a line on my contact form and we can arrange to speak.

You can then tell me more about what you want to have happen in your life and we can begin a discussion that will, definitely and permanently, change your life forever.

Ready to discover more?

Would you like to transform your life so much that when you eventually look back at some time in the future you catch yourself thinking, “Was that me? Was that really all that I was back then?”

Contact me and let’s arrange a Clarity Consultation for you so you can discover for yourself how awesome you can become.

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